Licence, what changes after 50 and 65 years? It won’t be like before

The license is the document that allows you to travel by car, motorcycle or heavy vehicle being in order, without running risks such as criminal penalties and much more.

license what changes after these years
Licence, what changes after 50 and 65 years? –

So if you want to drive any vehicle, it is a good idea to attend a driving school and do everything possible to obtain your licence, whatever it is.

Getting a license isn’t impossible. in some ways it is difficult but a little study and a lot of practice is enough to get it in hand and start driving practically immediately.

Obtaining a driving license is essential to circulate in good standing

For once the age of 18 has been completed, you can get the driving license B, at 16, on the other hand, you can ride a scooter. What you have to do is enroll in a driving school, attend lessons or study privately, to pay only the driving test and the theory test and thus save important sums.

After performing the theory exam you get the pink sheet with which you can drive in the company of a person who has held a driving license for at least 10 years. After the driving test you get the license, so you can even drive alone.

Driving license facsimile
Driving licence-

License renewal times, be careful not to let too much time pass

But pay attention to the details because after 10 years, the document must be renewed. Unfortunately the rules change after you turn 50 and 65. Article 126 of the Highway Code, paragraph 11 forces you to pay a double penalty if you drive with an expired license and therefore not adequately renewed.

The fine starts from €155 and goes up to €624. In the event that you do not pay the fine and do not even renew it, you proceed with the withdrawal of the license definitively.

Once you turn 50 you no longer have to wait 10 years but half that is 5 years, if instead you turn 65-70 the renewal of the license must be performed every 3 years. On the other hand, those who turn 80 and are still able to drive will have to renew their license every two years.

With regard to the renewal procedures are very simple. The document can be renewed in any Italian city where you are, it is not necessary to return to your place of residence to do so.

You just have to book the medical examination, then after having done it, you await the arrival of the document directly at home. The driving school in case it takes too long for receipt of the document, it provides a replacement sheet with which one can circulate throughout the territory.

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