Never do this maneuver on the motorway, a fine of 8186 euros

When you are on the motorway, you have to pay attention to every manoeuvre, because for just one mistake, you can risk a lot.

never do this maneuver on the highway
8186 euro fine –

In particular, not only is there a risk of hefty fines, but also of causing accidents that can be onerous, enough to kill someone.

The motorways are fundamental infrastructures for movement within our country, in fact, thanks to them, millions of motorists they move at speed from one part of Italy to another without feeling much the piece of the journey.

Inappropriate behavior at the tollbooth

At the toll booths however there are some absolutely forbidden behaviors, which should be avoided as much as possible, for this reason (especially if you travel a lot) it is better to be properly informed.

Especially in the periods close to the holidays, just like in these days, there are many who organize trips out of town to spend the days in total serenity, away from their homes and their own country. The more traffic increases, the more attention you have to pay.

There are those who choose to join relatives in other regions and therefore move from north to south traveling for hours by car, because it is the most comfortable solution that allows you to bring with him anything without paying and without problems.

highway –

What are the inappropriate behaviors on the motorway and when you risk fines

Traveling for km and km you are forced to cross many toll booths, here the behavior of motorists is regulated by article 176 of the highway code. These are prohibitions applied not only to motorway toll booths, but also at junctions, main extra-urban roads and ramps.

In these points of the road it is not possible to carry out maneuvers such as reversing, reversing the direction of travel and so on. The rules apply to all access gates and areas where incorrect maneuvers could cause traffic problems and serious accidents.

In this case, you risk heavy fines ranging from 430 to €1731especially if you reverse where this is forbidden with the loss of 10 points from your licence. Those who, on the other hand, practice U-turns where they don’t have to, risk getting a fine ranging from €2046 to €8186, with the reduction of 10 points from the driving licence.

All more than serious and burdensome consequences. Unfortunately it can happen that you realize that you have taken the wrong road, but even if you are near a junction, it is good to know that you cannot even consider the hypothesis of reversing or reversing. The same is true for the toll booth.

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