Never leave this in the car, they take everything away from you: absurd

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Today, probably due to the economic crisis, thieves are ready to do anything to bring home any loot, stealing what you see in the car.

Car theft
Car theft and vandalism – Motori.News

Around you see practically everything, broken windows, slashed tires, shattered windshield, broken doors, this is simply because thieves are attracted to what is inside the vehicle, whether it is a tablet, a mobile phone or anything else.

So they try to open the car as best they can and so they take away what is needed.

What happened in Bomporto, how the thief who stole what was in the car acted

Similar episodes have occurred in Bomporto these days, in particular a car parked near a farm in the area attracted the attention of a thief who fortunately was caught on cameras. From the camera footage, the man can be seen while vandalizes the car with the intent to steal what was inside.

Once he managed to open it, he realized that the loot obtained was disappointing, so he attacked the vehicle and finally went away without worrying about those present or the cameras. Through the video surveillance images, it turns out that the man took only 7 minutes to carry out both the theft and the vandalism. Probably like him many others manage to take action without worrying about the consequences and harming inattentive or perhaps too superficial motorists.

What will happen now

What left everyone speechless was the behavior of those present. In fact, from the images of the video camera it can be seen that many people witness the scene, passing right next to the car and the thief, but none of them stops. At one time, anyone would have thought of notifying the police, today it seems that many things have changed.

Now the police, following the complaint, are working to try to find the thief, following the video surveillance images. Sooner or later they will find the person responsible for the vandalism and the theft and there will certainly be a nice surprise for him. Meanwhile, the owner of the vandalized vehicle, after having also been robbed, just has to hope that the insurance will be able to pay the damages suffered to cushion the blow.

Following all this, one can only hope that motorists will change their habits and pay more attention to what they bring with them and leave in the car. Because even if it were to trivial and non-valuable items put the vehicle at risk.

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