Pedestrians, be careful not to splash them: if they take your license plate, you’re finished

When driving in the rain you have to be much more careful than normal because there are so many drawbacks and they are all behind the door ready for bitter surprises for pedestrians.

what do you risk if you splash pedestrians
What happens if you splash pawns? –

When it rains, puddles formwhen you pass over it, you inevitably splash other cars and people circulating on foot or on mopeds.

There are those who do it without wanting to, therefore without having the slightest intention, and those who instead do it just for taste without knowing, however, that there can be some very salty consequences because as strange or trivial as it may seem, it is a real infringement.

This is what happens when it rains

Unfortunately, the scene we are used to seeing is always the same, it is raining, there is a pedestrian on the edge of the sidewalk trying to cross the road waiting for a good soul ready to stop but then the unthinkable happens.

A car passes by and instead of stopping or slowing down, it whizzes over a puddle. The consequence is obvious, it’s a good shower of mud for the unfortunate person who would have just wanted to cross to go home or to work clean.

At first the scene could even make you laugh, but you would also have to be quite bad to really have fun. This is certainly the case of saying laughs best, whoever laughs last.

Accomplices of all this unfortunately are also the potholes that cover the streets of cities that have shrunk like sieves over the years. Pedestrians not only have to defend themselves from unruly cars and water falling from the sky but also from potholes filled with water.

What has the government chosen to do to remedy the problem

This is why the government has seen fit to punish undisciplined motorists who pass through puddles at speeds that do not care about pedestrians stopped waiting to cross with very high fines. You risk a fine of up to 300 euros.

Probably as a result of the decision many motorists will pay attention to these behaviors from now on, even if it would have been enough simply to put themselves in the dirty and wet shoes of pedestrians, to fix it in no time.

The initiative started from the municipality of Arona, in the province of Novara, which thought of a hefty fine for all those who drive clumsily when it rains, regardless of pedestrians, for all those who they don’t slow down when they should or who brake right next to puddles.

This rule has been included by the Municipality in the urban police regulation. From now on, the police will have the obligation to fine anyone who accelerates when crossing the road by pedestrians or who splashes pedestrians stationary on the sidewalk. The penalty in such cases goes from a minimum of 50 euros to a maximum of 300 euros.

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