Air conditioning, did you know that it needs to be recharged? You no longer consume petrol

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that your car’s air conditioning system needs to be recharged after a while. But when to do this? A lot will depend on how you use this element and how many kilometers you drive per year. But let’s discover every detail in reference to the air conditioning to be recharged. By following our advice you will never have problems of any kind with your air conditioner.

Air conditioning
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By now all the machines on the market have valid air conditioning systems. More and more people spend several hours of their day in the car, both in the summer and in the winter months. Having a perfectly functional system, therefore, is one of those priorities that must never be lacking.

Especially in the most “extreme” months, in fact, living your car experience to the fullest is a fundamental need. In the hot months, for example, it is essential that the air conditioning is activated as soon as possible and that it manages to remove the constant feeling of stuffiness.

But Do you know that it is very important to carry out maintenance operations on your car’s air conditioning system as well? Perhaps not everyone knows that it is essential to take care of this too, without ever underestimating this aspect.

When to recharge the air? A lot will depend on your needs and how many kilometers you cover in a calendar year. Let’s shed some light on this aspect, so that you can better “breathe” the air inside your vehicle.

The importance of recharging your air conditioning: Here’s what you need to know about it

Let’s start by saying how the air conditioning should be recharged with a variable frequency. In fact, it will depend on various factors, mainly the use made of the car. Also, it is possible that in some cases the air may drain much earlier than expected or that it may still be fully functional after a long time. What do you need to know then?

Refill air conditioning
Recharging the air conditioning: here’s what you need to know about it and how often you need to do it – Motori.News

Leaving aside individual cases, we can say that the air conditioning will have to be recharged every 60,000 kilometers travelled. If you use your car regularly and travel many kilometers a year, therefore, you will have to make this move every two years. The time, on the other hand, can increase in the case of more “economical” use of one’s car.

But how do you know that something doesn’t go as planned? You will need to top up the air conditioning if you notice unpleasant odors coming out of the air vents. In addition to being dangerous, they are a symptom that the air conditioning is “unloaded”. Also, you will certainly notice that it will take a longer time to get cold air inside your car.

How to recharge the air conditioning? You will have to go to the workshop. Here the drier filter present inside the system will be replaced, so that it will return to better capture the impurities and the “dirt” present in the air. Furthermore, the system will be emptied and carefully cleaned.

How much does this operation cost? A lot will depend on the individual garage and the car model. On average, the cost of recharging the air conditioning for a small car is around 50 euros.

Moreover, It is well known that having the air conditioning on leads to higher fuel consumption. In fact, it has been ascertained that fuel consumption is increased by at least 20% with the climate control system on. There will also be less vehicle power.

Recharged air conditioning
Recharging the air conditioning – Motori.News

With the air conditioning “unloaded”, then, petrol consumption will be even greater. Refilling this element, therefore, can also have beneficial effects with reference to petrol consumption. This is important news to know, especially in a similar historical period with price increases in every sector.

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