€332 fine if they find you around after this time: you have no escape

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The risk of incurring traffic offenses is always around the corner. Even the most observant driver of the rules and attentive to every situation can sometimes come across errors. This happens due to distraction or lack of knowledge of some rules present in individual cities of our country. But what heavy fine do you risk having to pay if you don’t read some road signs carefully? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

fines if you circulate after this time
Fine if you circulate after this time – motori.news

Especially in a similar historical period, with price increases in every sector, also encountering the payment of penalties due to traffic offenses can weigh heavily on the finances of millions of Italians. We always advise never to break the rules, but in some cases the infraction may also occur in the belief that you have always done your best. What are we referring to?

If you park your car without parking, with the appropriate sign on display, you know very well that you will face the very high risk of being fined by the agents in charge of checking the rules. But other times you think you are right and, instead, you are notified of the report on an infringement committed involuntarily.

In fact, there are some especially in large towns ZTL zones, in which traffic is not allowed at all or is prohibited at certain times of the day and night. Paying attention to all the indications is not always easy. It is therefore necessary to inquire in advance about the particular rules in your city or in the place you intend to visit. Here’s everything you need to know about this topic.

If you circulate in a certain area when you can’t, you risk suffering a very high fine. Here are the details

A ZTL area – restricted traffic zone – is created to minimize emissions and pollution levels within historic centres. Furthermore, it serves to give greater “breath” and freedom to pedestrians in the historic centre. But what if you circulate within that zone when you can’t? Here’s what you need to know.

ZTL area
ZTL area: if you don’t respect the rules, you risk a fine of up to 332 euros for each unauthorized passage – Motori.News

Each Municipality has the obligation to report the presence of electronic detection of each single access and all the various times and days in which the ZTL area is active. Furthermore, the presence of the green or red signal will be essential, based on the possibility of entering that area or not.

If you circulate after certain hours, therefore, you risk suffering a very heavy fine. Everything is also regulated by the Highway Code, through some articles on the matter.

Particularly, Article 198, paragraph 2, of the Highway Code says about it: “Within urban pedestrian areas and limited traffic zones, the transgressor of access bans and other individual obligations and bans or limitations is subject to the penalties provided for each individual violation”.

The risk, therefore, is that of running into sanctions that are not single, but also multiple. In other words, every time you cross the area restricted to traffic for specific vehicles or at specific times. You must, therefore, pay particular attention when driving in historic centers that include the ZTL area.

Expensive fine in this specific case – Motori.News

The fines, in fact, can range from 83 euros up to 332 euros for each single access not allowed in the restricted traffic area. We are sure that from today you will always be attentive to this thing.

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