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Gasoline bonuses are currently the only thing anyone hopes to receive as a Christmas present because it’s useless to deny it, they’re very useful and in some cases life-changing because they make everything much easier.

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Petrol bonus 200 euros –

These days there is a lot of talk about cost cuts on petrol and diesel, about 25 cents a liter for a month, there is talk of reduced bills for 5.2 million families who have an ISEE under 12 thousand euros.

Even this year, companies have been given the opportunity to pay by installments the consumption expenses of May and June for a total of 24 months at most.

What did the Draghi government think of doing

Mario Draghi then thought about the “price cutter” and therefore made another 4.4 billion available against high energy costs, trying to respond positively to the surge in costs, not only at the pump, which took on a considerable weight on Italian wallets.

In 2022 a petrol bonus of 200 euros will be granted, free of charge to private companies and workers employees, which did not contribute to the formation of income, money which is therefore tax exempt.

In order to obtain this bonus, no particular requirements or income ceilings are required, you simply need to be a worker company employees private.

Before this bonus, it was thought to grant companies a contribution of up to 258.23 euros per year for “fringe benefits”: to be spent on fuel vouchers or shopping vouchers. In previous years in full pandemic therefore the Economic support had a much larger amount, doubled to 516.46 euros.

Petrol bonus –

How to receive the petrol bonus if you belong to the categories mentioned

It is important to know that the company will decide whether and to what extent to grant employees the petrol bonus. It is therefore not foreseen presentation of questions.

There will be a reduction in the price of petrol, diesel, fuel in general of 25 cents, a cut in excise duties until the end of April and bonuses of up to 200 euros ready to change life at least for one month to all private sector employees.

Employers in the private sector will have to pay petrol bonuses to employees by 2022 and then receive the reimbursement within the following month. Although €200 may seem small at first glance, it is actually a sum that in some cases is conditions can just change lives.

Anyone who is forced to travel and spend half of their salary on fuel, on the other hand, certainly knows something about it.

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