Moto, you can no longer do as you like: forced to wear this

For all motorcycle enthusiasts from today there is no longer just the obligation to wear a helmet: here is the new rule that must be followed immediately.

Fine motorcyclist
Motorcyclist fined – Motori.News

Have the passion for motorcycles it also means having to think of a series of rules all dedicated to two-wheel enthusiasts, which sometimes differ from those envisaged for motorists.

Of course, we are talking about some obligations related to this vehicle, like the helmetwhich must necessarily be worn in any case, with any type of engine capacity and without possible loopholes.

An obligation, that of protecting the head, which became mandatory several years ago and which also put an end to the somewhat legendary and poetic images of thick hair blown by the wind during a walk on two wheels.

A rule he naturally had the objective and the merit of reducing the deaths on the roads due to motorcycle fallseven if a high rate of prudence must always be maintained because the risks, without the due protections, can be many.

That’s why some are coming important updates to the Highway Code about the kind of clothing the centaurs will have to wear from now on. Now, having a certain type of protection when riding certain motorcycles will be required by law. Let’s find out which one.

The new rule of the Highway Code for motorcycle enthusiasts

The new rule envisaged by the Highway Code for anyone who engages in the passion for two wheels regards, as mentioned, protective clothing.

Motorcycle protection suit
Motorcycle protective suit –

You will know very well that to ride motorcycles of a certain engine capacity you must have one adequate protection that allows you to limit the damage of a possible fall, aware that the risk on two wheels is always very high.

In addition to the helmet which, as we said, applies to everyone, from now on if you have a motorcycle with a power between 11 kW and 25 kW you must wear specific protective gloves and a protective jacket complete with back protector and additional elbow and shoulder protectors.

And be aware that this is not just an indicative rule, but a law that if broken it can cost you dearly in terms of fines. Consider that if you don’t wear a helmet, there is a fine that starts at 80 euros and can even exceed 300 euros.

In this case however, although there are still no precise data, the fines risk being even higher, further evidence of how much the Highway Code wants to be increasingly severe and stringent when it comes to driver protection rules, whether they are two or four wheels.

Passenger and driver in protective suits
Passenger and driver with protective suits –

In short, if you own a motorcycle of this power, you would do well to equip yourself with what you need as soon as possible: we advise you to have these protections in any case. because caution when riding a motorbike is never too much.

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