crucial to beat Valentino Rossi

Multiple MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo reveals a curious background on the 2015 season, when he won the World Championship against Valentino Rossi.

Jorge Lorenzo (Instagram)
Jorge Lorenzo (Instagram)

Jorge Lorenzo ended his riding career in 2019 after a difficult season on the bike Honda RC213V. First he tried to stick to life in the paddock as a Yamaha test rider and, after an almost sabbatical year, he resumed testing the pit lane as a correspondent for Dazn. This new collaboration has led him to shoot various docu-series, the latest entitled “Cuatro Tiempos”, broadcast in these winter days.

Together with Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Aspar Martinez and Àlex Crivillé, the three-time champion of MotoGP analyzes the past, present and future of motorcycling. Investments in electronics and, above all, in aerodynamics, have led to a change in the DNA of the prototypes on the track, which are easier to drive today than they were a few years ago. “Before, the pilot made more of a difference. Now there are ten riders in four tenths, I don’t think there are ten equal riders in half a second with different bikes“.

Jorge Lorenzo’s secret in the 2015 season

Aerodynamics is one of the aspects that currently arouses the greatest controversy. Many are asking for more restrictive rules on aerodynamic packages, but changing the regulation will take time and the approval of all the manufacturers. Jorge Lorenzo he has clear ideas about what he intends to do: “I would completely eliminate the aerodynamics and, in terms of safety, I would seriously consider the speed. Because if the motorbikes reach 365 km/h… You have to evaluate whether to leave the freedom until you reach 400 per hour“.

In the third episode of the docu-series, the Majorcan also tells some background stories of his career, one in particular dating back to the 2015 season, when he won the last world title with the Yamaha M1. At the time he shared the garage with his historic rival Valentino Rossieverything was played out in the last race in Valencia, after the famous events in Sepang.

Jorge Lorenzo recounted that there was a decisive factor that not everyone knows and it contributed to his excellent form. “I made myself a very large camper. I had a hot tub upstairs and then a cryosauna in the suite. I entered the cold with -180º of temperature. In 2015 I won with the cryosauna. I did it secretly so no one would know the secret“, concluded the pentachampion. His life has really changed today… To think that in these days of Christmas holidays he is enjoying the tropical heat of Bali, between beaches, sea and carefree evenings in the most renowned clubs of the Indonesian island.

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