Speed ​​cameras, have you ever seen the new device? Leave no escape

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Speed ​​cameras are one of the things that everyone hates most in the world, because they cause huge fines simply for exceeding the speed limits set by law.

New speed camera device
New speed camera device – Motori.News

They are found everywhere, on any roadespecially in those frequented at night by young people who drink too much and thus cause very serious fatal road accidents.

Unless you want to find yourself in unpleasant situations within a few monthsit is always advisable to pay the fines immediately also to take advantage of discounts which, even if insignificant, make the difference.

Modern speed cameras arrived in France

To date, in Italy there are only speed cameras that detect the speed of motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles, of public transport vehicles. In France, however, something is about to change.

A new tool is about to arrive or a particular speed camera that leaves no one a chance. The new speed camera was designed to measure the noise level, to punish all transgressors of the law, who obstruct public peace with loud musicunjustified use of the horn, etc.

Particularly in France, where the decibels accepted by the highway code are easily exceeded, noise pollution has reached exorbitant and worrying levels. For this reason the Government has seen fit to act to solve the problem.

What do you risk if you don’t pay attention to the rules of the highway code

These new devices, the modern speed cameras, will soon be permanently installed on the light poles of all the busiest roads. They are very similar to regular speed cameras.

These are equipped with 4 microphones that measure the decibel levels, using position detectors they establish the position of the vehicles, to understand where the sound comes from and then issue the fine.

This speed camera has been tested on the streets of Paris for 4 months, attempts have been made and it has now officially joined the company. Soon it could also arrive in Italy, for which motorists will have to be even more careful.

However, the lack of the device on Italian roads does not allow users to do what they want while traveling by car or motorbike. In fact, by law it is not allowed to drive in a noisy way, or to rig the system. Neither the engine nor the muffler can be modified.

The fines range from a minimum of 42 euros up to a maximum of 173 euros. Same thing if you travel with loud music or radio.

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