It is forbidden to carry passengers by car if you are of this age: you lose 1734 euros

Getting a driving license doesn’t mean being able to do what you want, when you want, there are rules to be respected always and in any case, because the highway code does not accept errors of any kind and does not give anyone discounts.

It is forbidden to carry passengers
Prohibited to transport passengers – Motori.News

To have the license in your hands you must first enroll in a driving school, follow the lessons or study from home from outside, then take the theory exam, then carry out the driving, take the practical exam and you’re done.

Between the theory and practical exams, you get the pink sheet with which you can drive the vehicle only alongside a person who is no more than 65 years of age and who has had a driving license for at least 10 years or have an instructor at your side.

After the age of 65 according to the highway code you cannot act as an escort because reflexes decrease and you are not as reliable as when you were young.

What does article 122 of the highway code say and what are the indications to follow

Not everyone knows if you can drive a car with a pink slip, taking passengers with you. To have this doubt there are so many drivers but let’s try to clarify everything.

According to article 122 of the highway code, it is not forbidden to take passengers with you, but it is always necessary to respect the insurance and its obligations. This is because in the event of an accident caused by the driver with only the pink sheet, the third passenger could not be covered by insurance.

Highway Code - Motori.News
Highway Code, be careful NEVER to make this move – Motori.News

How a beginner should behave in order not to get fined

The vehicle driven by a beginner, it must be marked with the P for beginner, placed both in front and on the back of the vehicle. If you do not respect the highway code and therefore if you drive a vehicle without a pink slip, you risk a fine ranging from €430 to €1734.

Moreover, always by law the accompanying person must pay the exact same sum. If, on the other hand, there shouldn’t be a companion next to the novice driver, in addition to the fine, there is also the administrative detention of the vehicle for a period of three months.

To conclude, there is an additional penalty for all those who circulate without the appropriate marks or without the P which serves to inform those traveling behind that they are inexperienced and so you have to be careful.

Get driving it is an act of great responsibility for yourself and for others because the risks are many, especially if you have no experience.

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