Telepass, you can see the trick to paying less: you’ve never thought about it

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The Telepass is a very useful tool for avoiding queues at toll booths on the motorway and for always having the report of all the tolls paid under one’s eyes. But do you know that there is a method – absolutely allowed – to pay less every month. Let’s discover this detail which could prove to be very valuable in some specific circumstances. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

telepass the trick to pay less
Telepass, the trick to pay less –

More and more motorists in our country are signing a contract Telepass. The positive aspects are quite well known and concern the possibility of having preferential lanes at the toll booth, in order to avoid queues both on entry and exit from the motorway.

With the Telepass device inside your car, the toll bar will rise as you pass. The cost of the toll will be charged directly to the associated current account. You will therefore have to provide the IBAN and your personal data when signing the contract. Another advantage is that you can always have an eye on all the costs of the various tolls.

In your personal area on the Telepass website or app, you can manage everything and always have all the information on costs available. Furthermore, you will be able to associate a maximum of two plates for each stipulated contract. The fixed monthly cost of the Telepass is 1.26 euros for the basic service. With premium services, however, the cost can reach 2.50 euros per month.

Telepass saving
Telepass, here’s the move to save money – Motori.News

But did you know that there is a method to pay less fixed monthly costs for Telepass? Here is the solution – absolutely legal – that we let you discover below in our article.

How to pay less costs on Telepass? Here’s all you need to know

The fixed cost of Telepass it’s not excessive, but it’s still an expense to deal with quarterly. In fact, every three months the fixed costs and those relating to the payment of the various tolls will be deducted from your current account. But if you want to eliminate fixed costs for a period, without having to give up the Telepass service, do you know that there is a possibility to do so? Here we explain everything in detail.

Telepass Pay Per Use
Telepass Pay Per Use: here is the new personalized service launched by Telepass – Motori.News

If you already know that in a certain period – which can be one or more months – you will not use your car to travel on the motorway, you will surely have always wished you could avoid spending on the fixed costs of the Telepass. And from today things change.

In fact, Telepass has launched the new service Pay Per Use. This service allows you to customize the management of the Telepass service to your liking. If for a few months you already know that you don’t have to travel on our country’s motorway network, you can, therefore, stop the fixed expenses. Therefore, no cost will be charged to your current account in the months in which you have chosen to temporarily block the service.

Until December 31, the activation of this service is totally free. From 1 January 2023, however, it will have a single activation cost of 10 euros. If you choose to interrupt the service, the monthly fixed €2.50 will not be deducted from your current account.

This offeringtherefore, it is totally flexible and designed for any type of customer. If you use Telepass occasionally, you will be able to avoid paying uselessly for the service in the months of non-use. We are sure that this news will make a large number of people happy. From today, in fact, they will no longer have to give up the Telepass service.

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