Parking disc, with this trick goodbye parking limits: everyone uses it

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Goodbye to the limits of the parking disc using this trick that allows you to avoid many fines: this is what the smart ones have invented.

Time disc
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Finding parking is always a dilemma, especially in big cities. In many, in order not to have to face the parking ordealdecide to stay at home or move on foot or by public transport.

But when getting into the car is unavoidable, all you can do is roll up your sleeves and hope to be lucky enough to find a place on the first try. There are also people who invent parking spaces, blocking traffic with the risk of receiving very high fines.

This situation of eternal parking discomfort has led many crafty to come up with “original” ways to avoid the problemthat of the parking disc is really diabolical.

Parking disc, the trick that eliminated the problem of parking time limits

The parking disc serves to prevent cars from remaining parked in certain places for more than 60 minutes: in practice, the driver leaves the parking disc indicating the time of arrival on the dashboard, and within the hour he gets back in the car, freeing the parking space.

Time disc
Parking disc –

If a person were to stay more than an hour, it is quite common for the driver to return to the parking space and turn the hands again to the new time. This method is also prohibited, in fact the parking disc would no longer function, leaving only the driver the significant task of returning to the car every hour.

For the laziest drivers who want to use parking with a parking disc, without sacrificing convenience, a method has been used (obviously illegal) which allows the time disc to “set yourself” to avoid getting fines.

The hour disc that moves the hand “by itself”, the dream of the laziest drivers

A time disc that change the hands yourself it almost seems like a dream. A forbidden dream though, because the fact remains that you can’t stay more than an hour in those car parks, so manual or automatic methods to reset the parking disc are in any case illegal.

Recently in Naples, a large city known for its confusion, this magical disc has spread. The disc was connected to a small moped, which turned the hand by itself. It goes without saying: that evil contraption is stolen!

Unfortunately, however, it is not legal at all: in Vicenza a driver was caught by the police, and was promptly punished. In fact he was sued for aggravated scam. In short, to avoid looking for parking, he got into a lot of trouble.

Time disc "motorized"
“Motorized” parking disc on a well-known online shopping site –

We hope that awareness ofillegality of the motorized parking disc spread soon, because apparently its inventor put it up for sale, and it must also have been successful, enough to spread to Vicenza as well.

Some say it was both still on sale also online, on heavily used shopping sites. In practice, the object is sold with the instructions to put it on “pause” when parking, and then to restart it after parking.

In reality many do not pause it before getting out of the vehicle, and the hand keeps moving, always indicating the current time. At this point one wonders only if it’s worth getting into such serious trouble just to evade the task of parking.

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