Why do you have to turn up your car wipers in winter? Incredible

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Car windshield wipers are essential in winter, but also in summer because they allow you to always have a clear view and a perfectly clean windshield.

turn up windshield wipers in winter
Why do windshield wipers turn up in winter? – motors.news

It is good to remember that when you start driving a vehicle, the view must be completely free from any obstacle which can be cause for accident or distraction.

Even raindrops can be problematic and dangerous, so even when it’s drizzling it’s a good idea to operate the wipers and keep the glass clear.

Windshield wipers, no-cost tricks to make them last longer

To work well, windshield wipers must be cleaned periodically, even more so when it’s cold and in areas where frost and snow arrive. In this case you just have to roll up your sleeves and not leave out any detail.

When the car is stopped, for a few days or simply for a few hours, if you have no way to leave it indoors perhaps under a wheelie or inside the garage it is advisable to prevent the problem with valid tricks at no cost, do-it-yourself remedies that always work.

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Windscreen wipers – Motori.news

How to take care of your windshield wipers and why

For example, to prevent the windscreen wipers from freezing, it is recommended to keep them raised. If it should happen that you forget them lowered and they freeze, to detach them from the glass, it is best to try to release them gently simply using your hands and avoiding using the scraper which can actually damage the rubber.

Then you have to clean the brushes going to remove the dirt that settles on the rubber, to do this, it is advisable to use a cloth dampened with a little windshield cleaner, which allows you to take care of it 100%.

Moreover, it is best to avoid defrosting the windshield from the outsidein the presence of ice it is advisable not to operate the windscreen wipers because they could fail and at the same time the rubber could also be damaged since this is delicate and not indestructible.

In this case instead it is better to use the air conditioning internal that somehow defrosts the glass externally. After having slightly melted the ice on the outside, you can use the scraper without damaging the glass.

As far as windshield washer fluid is concerned, this can make a difference. Tap water is not good without the addition of the appropriate product.

In colder areas where it often snows or ice forms, for example, it is better to use antifreeze liquid, which can clean the glass in any condition and situation, even when the temperature reaches minus 15 degrees Celsius. All without ruining it and in just a few minutes.

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