what you risk is worse than a fine

Traveling on a vehicle, whatever it is, whether it’s a car or a heavy vehicle, you have responsibilities for yourself and for others.

Never carry this item with you
Never carry this object with you – Motori.News

It is not only important to drive in compliance with the speed limits, wearing seat belts and so on.

It is equally so to leave only things in the car that cannot backfire and cause harm to more people.

Pay attention to how you travel by car, the detail makes the difference

Although cars may be private spaces, because they are owned, one has no real right inside them. Simply put you don’t enjoy the total freedom of decision.

Carrying certain things with you could mean taking a big risk. Someone approaching the car could be intrigued by the objects inside it and think well of stealing it and then use it for other purposes.

Full of fuel
Cars – Motors.News

Here’s what happened in Brugherio

It’s a bit like what happened in Brugherio where the fire brigade and the carabinieri had to intervene on Tuesday evening, around 10.30 pm, to put out a fire that had broken out in via Bachelet.

The fire was of arson origin and started from a car parked at the roadside on which there was a petrol can, used to start fire. All this was stated by the firefighters who then managed to put out the flames fortunately just before the car was devoured.

THE In the meantime, the police began searching and they discovered that the car, a Volvo SUV, would have been stolen a few hours earlier from a citizen of Agrate Brianza warned by the police of what happened.

The man he hadn’t even noticed his car was missing in the parking. Investigations are now underway to verify whether the SUV was chosen by the criminals with the aim of starting the fire or for other reasons.

Over the last few months unfortunately the number of stolen cars has increased heavily, this is probably because those who are not working have to cope with the crisis in some way.

For all these reasons, care must be taken to close the windows well and not leave them open when getting out of the car, but above all not to carry objects that can be very dangerous, for example petrol, a very dangerous flammable liquid.

Those who carry petrol cans filled at the petrol pump that has the cheapest price must be careful not to get them down quickly as soon as they get home and travel in conditions of extreme safety.

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