Ferrari F40 With Widebody Kit Teased Ahead of Tokyo Auto Salon Debut

Given the model’s rarity and collectability, it’s hard to imagine someone fitting a body kit to the Ferrari F40 in 2023. However, Japanese tuner Liberty Walk premiered such a creation on January 13 at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The company already has renderings of what the modified supercar will look like.

The body kit consists of a new front cowl, cowl ducts, light covers, splitter side skirts, rear wing, diffuser and wider fenders for the F40. The revised design added a large opening to the Ferrari’s bonnet and placed one NACA duct in the center instead of the two in the original design. The canard is in the corner. The pop-up light is missing.

The already large F40 wing gets an extra element on top. The Liberty Walk diffuser flanks the original oval-shaped exhaust outlet.

Liberty Walk already has a site that sells this body kit. The page lists the price as “Ask” at the moment. It’s unclear whether the cars at the Tokyo Auto Salon will have additional changes to the interior or powertrain.

In addition, the Liberty Walk lowers the ride height so that the wheels completely fill the potholes, and the car practically scrapes the ground. It’s an attractive appearance, but the lack of ground clearance makes driving on the highway seem challenging.

The F40 debuted in 1987 to commemorate 40 years in business at that time. It turned out to be the last model with significant input from Enzo Ferrari before the automotive magnate’s death in August 1988.

Beneath the wedge-shaped design, the F40 has a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 engine with factory rating 471 horsepower (351.5 kilowatts) and 426 pound-feet (577 Newton-meters) of torque. The five-speed manual is the only gearbox available.

The Liberty Walk promo video (embedded above) shows the company has more than just this F40 for the Tokyo Auto Salon. There’s a secret Mazda with a polished rotary engine. A modified Lexus LX 600, Lamborghini Murcielago and a secret Nissan were part of the event lineup. The company is also working with Playboy on a project.

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