Highway, the third lane is finally arriving: Italians full of joy

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Traveling on the highway on a stretch of two or three lanes makes all the difference in the world when it comes to practicality. In fact, on more “wide” motorways, it will be less likely to come across intense traffic and delays due to this factor. Furthermore, driving comfort will certainly be greater than on motorways with only two lanes. But what’s new in the coming months? Here’s which highway will go from two to three lanes soon.

the third lane of the motorway is coming
Highway, the third lane is coming – motori.news

In our country the motorway network has over 6500 kilometres. Unfortunately, however, more than 4000 kilometers are still only two lanes away. There are 1,800 kilometers with three lanes, while there are only 115 kilometers with four lanes. Numbers that make many turn up their noses.

The three and four lanes have the merit of improving the smoothness on the highways. As we have said, however, there are not many motorway sections that can benefit from at least a third lane. Especially in the South, the highways are mainly two-lane, with all the obvious limitations and inconveniences of the case, especially during the days with a large presence of cars and trucks on the road.

Moreover, our motorway network is often subject to maintenance and long periods of work. In some sections, therefore, the risk of running into a single lane of brands for several kilometers is always very high. These situations create inconvenience and waste of time for millions of Italian motorists every day.

But what wonderful news has arrived in the last few hours? Where will the third lane be made? Here’s everything you need to know about this news that will please millions of motorists.

Here is the third lane on a specific motorway in our country: a gift for many Italians

The news concerning the widening of the motorway refers to the A22that means the Brenner motorway. It was founded way back in 1968 and connects the Po Valley with Austria and Germany. It starts from Modena, intersecting with the A1, and reaches as far as Vipiteno and the Brenner customs house. But what will happen in the near future? Here are all the details.

Brenner motorway
The third lane is arriving on the Brenner motorway: here are all the details – Motori.News

There Autostrada del Brennero Spa company, controlled by some public bodies, it was approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to unblock a situation that will please many. This section of the motorway will have a third lane, or at least there will be a large part of the more than 300 km of jurisdiction. The news has become public knowledge in the past few hours.

The plan for this third lane includes a very important total investment of over 7.2 billion euros. The stretch included between Verona North and Bolzano South will get the green light for the so-called “dynamic lane”. In practice, the current hard shoulder will be used as a third lane during periods of heavy traffic, such as in the summer or on holiday weekends.

In some periods of the year, therefore, the widened hard shoulder can be used as an effective third lane. Special road signs will inform motorists about this possible use.

But that’s not all. The plan doesn’t just have this third lane usable at certain times of the year. A real third lane will also be built in the section between Verona and Modena.

Third lane highway
Three-lane highway – Motori.News

Lastly, the investments for the Brenner motorway will also concern other options. We refer to the installation of columns for recharging electric vehicles, the improvement of all existing motorway toll booths and some extraordinary maintenance interventions to digitize the entire section.