The 11 Best Snowboard Shoes for Men and Women

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A solid pair of snowboard boots is arguably the most important piece of your kit for a successful season on the slopes, and there are several very important factors to consider when purchasing. Your boots need to fit comfortably all day long, they need to be durable, and the flexibility needs to be appropriate for your skill level and riding style. That’s why we recommend choosing a boot that gives you room to progress as a boarder – one that’s a bit stiffer than you’d like, so you don’t have to change boots as you improve.

Most top-of-the-line boots come with Boa Technology, a closure system that provides a secure and comfortable fit and allows micro-adjustment with the simple twist of a dial. If you’ve ever struggled to fit your ski boots on or are used to traditional lace-up snowboard boots, the ease and precision of the Boa buttons will blow your mind.

We’ve put together a list of men’s and women’s snowboarding boots that are new for winter. Options vary from affordable lace-up versions for recreational resort riders to high-end boots built for expert daredevils.

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Riding Lasso Snowboard Boots (Men)

$264 BUY NOW

If you’re looking for performance, adaptability, and convenience like never before, look no further! Ride combines the Boa Closure System with their own Tongue Tied Closure system, so you can adjust the gamut, make micro adjustments on the fly, and even control how comfortable the internal liner is, all with the twist of a dial! If you’ve never tried intuition liners, you’re doing your feet a disservice — they can be shaped by heat, so they’re best made specifically for your feet. Ride even teamed up with Michelin (yes, a tire brand) for an outsole that grips ice like crampons. Already sold? We sure do!

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Burton Felix Snowboarding Boots (Women)

from $342 BUY NOW

With Felix, Burton makes it easier than ever to step right into your boots without the hassle. They’re just as comfortable as wearing a pair of your favorite old house slippers, because Burton’s Total Comfort technology gives you a broken feeling from day one. Additionally, the Felix is ​​rounded off with a heat-formable liner and dual Boa dials for a precise, comfortable fit, so you’ll be inspired to ride more aggressively and develop your skills.

K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots (Men)

$330 BUY NOW

Ride hard year after year in the best-selling, durable K2 boots. Their Endo construction gives the boot a structure that flexes and returns to neutral without compromising integrity, providing consistent stretch for a highly predictable feel — even if you ride for more than 50 days year. It also features a heat moldable Intuition Liner and a grippy, durable Vibram outsole. Looking for a boot with a softer flex than the Maysis, but with the same advanced technology? Check out Maysis’ little brother, Renin K2 — brand new for 2017/2018!

Ride Hera Snowboard Boots (Women)

$260 BUY NOW

Named after Hera, the chief Greek goddess and wife of Zeus, these boots pack all the high-tech features you need to ride like a queen. Perfect for all-mountain riding and even park laps, these boots feature unique women’s calf adjustment technology, which allows you to widen the boot’s calf for increased comfort and a more tailored fit. That, plus a dual Boa dial and an Intuition Form Support Liner combine to make a boot that fits like a glove.

Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots (Men)

$370 BUY NOW

More versatile and sophisticated than any other Vans boot, the Infuse allows the wearer to adjust on the fly for greater comfort and control, thanks to a traditional strap on the upper and a single Boa dial on the instep. This includes the Vans Flex Control System, allowing you to change the stiffness with a tongue insert, so you can continue to ride the same boot as you progress, rather than upgrading every year!

Lash Thirty Two Snowboard Boots (Women)

$270 BUY NOW

It’s never been easier to get to that first seat at a moment that matters most, because with the lightning-fast Double Boa system on these boots, you can slip them on blindfolded. They have a moderate stretch which is great for intermediate snowboarders looking to advance, as they provide the ideal mix of stiffness, flexibility and comfort.

Burton Photon Snowboard Boots (Men)

$380 BUY NOW

When you’re riding hard and fast, a boot that feels like it’s on your foot — like Burton’s Photon — will give you the ultimate level of control. This style combines two Boa dials with Burton’s Lockdown Tech to create an incredibly powerful boot, so there’s no lag in transmitting power from foot to board. Swagger will abound when you rock this bad boy, and have you ever seen one New Step On Burton binding? Take it as a bundle with Photon here!

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Salomon Kiana Focus Snowboard Boots (Women)

$300 BUY NOW

When style and performance are equal, these boots answer the call. The women’s liner provides excellent heel support, comfort and warmth. Meanwhile, the dual Boa closure system makes fine adjustments to the lower and upper boot, so you’ll be inspired to push your limits on parks, bumps, and even slides. Of course, we also love the subtle pink accents that add a little extra flair.

K2 Arrow Clicker Snowboard Boots (Women)

$400 BUY NOW

Whether you have plans to go for some outback powder or you just need some first-class boots all day, this lightweight wonder won’t disappoint. The Arrow’s flexibility is consistently excellent, while the Dual Boa dial ensures a perfect fit. These boots integrate seamlessly with the Clicker K2 bindings, so you can spend less time strapping before each run and more time jumping over cliffs. When you need a way to stand out from the crowd, this is your chance to show off.

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DC Karma Snowboarding Boots (Women)

from $149 BUY NOW

Comfortable, stylish and suitable for intermediate snowboarders, this boot has a 5/10 stretch rating, so it’s not too stiff and not too soft. The traditional lace closure, warm liner, and affordable price make this perfect for budget shoppers who don’t mind looking fly, too.

Adidas Samba Snowboard Shoes (Men)

$250 BUY NOW

Not satisfied with the classic Adidas Samba? Neither can we! Rock these snowboards built for conquering mountains (just like their ancestors did on the soccer field!). The outsole is incredibly grippy, so the days of slipping in cold parking lots are long gone. Put on these all-mountain boots, and you’ll be zipping around the mountain like a team captain in no time!

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