Telepass, how to cancel it without paying the penalty: many do it

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Telepass has changed the lives of millions of motorists in recent years. Especially those who often “frequent” the motorways of our country, in fact, will have an obvious benefit from the use of this practical, convenient and fast service. But what if you want to cancel your Telepass contract? Here’s everything you need to know and do to terminate the contract in a few simple steps.

telepass how to cancel it without penalties
Telepass, how to cancel it –

The Telepass it allows anyone who has signed a contract with this company to be able to avoid queuing at every toll booth in our country, both incoming and outgoing. A service that has made it possible to greatly streamline traffic and queues at toll booths and which allows millions of Italians to avoid huge wastes of time every day.

For sign a contract with Telepass all you have to do is go to the corresponding website and indicate your personal data, the IBAN on which to charge the various tolls and the registration number of your vehicle. They may be associated with the same contract up to two different license plates. For a third license plate, however, it will be mandatory to sign another contract.

The cost of the Telepass is around 2 euros per month and the “box” will arrive at your home after a few days. But is there a penalty to pay if you want to terminate your contract with the Telepass service? Here’s everything you need to know about it and how to solve the situation in a practical and fast way.

Telepass: here’s how to terminate the contract in a few simple steps

Who wishes cancel your Telepass contract he may have several valid reasons for doing so. In fact, infrequent personal use of the service could make you think about terminating the contract, in order to avoid unnecessary spending. Even in the event of theft of your car – with the “box” inside – it could be a very valid reason to terminate the contract. But what do you need to know to make the best cancellation? Here are all the details.

Telepass cancelled
Here’s how to cancel your Telepass – Motori.News contract

Whatever the reason for the cancellation, you should know that carrying out this operation is very simple and does not imply any payment of a specific penalty. Indeed, there are three different ways to do it, according to your needs and convenience. Let’s discover each of the three methods for canceling Telepass.

The first method concerns sending a registered letter with return receipt. This communication, to be made in writing, must be sent to the following address: TELEPASS Spa – Customer Care – post office box 2310 branch 39 – 50123 Florence. Your own will need to be provided personal data, a copy of one’s identity document and the request for withdrawal from the Telepass service with all the details of the contract.

A second cancellation method can be done online, but only if you have a mailbox certified maili.e. one PEC. Therefore, it will be possible to send the cancellation by e-mail.

Finally, the third method is the least “technological” of all. Indeed, you can go personally to one of the many Blue Points, located near the various toll booths in our country, and fill in all the cancellation forms in pen of your Telepass contract.

Telepass – Motors.News

Moreover, you will need to return your “box” within and no later than 20 days from the request for withdrawal from the contract. In case this doesn’t happen – for forgetfulness or theft of the device – you will be obliged to pay a sum between 15 and 30 euros, depending on what is written in your contract.

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