Licence, if you don’t do this at the checkpoint you’re ruined: €1734 fine

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Since the points driving license came into force, motorists are more than confused, even if physically the document is more comfortable than before because it is a card very similar to an ATM that is unlikely to get damaged unlike the paper one.

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Instead it is not at all comfortable in practice because for each infraction committed several points are deducted, until reaching zero, which means remaining without a document e having to provide for the solution by paying very high sums.

Offenders may choose to wait years to get back one point a year, meanwhile respecting the rules, or take courses that allow you to get back several points without running any further risks.

License, this is how achievement works

As far as obtaining a driving license is concerned, it hasn’t changed one iota, you always have to follow the lessons at the authorized driving school, or study from home and present exclusively for the theoretical exam and then for the practical one.

Following the theory exam, you obtain the pink slip with which you can drive the car next to a person who He has had a driver’s license for more than 10 years. After the practical exam you get the document.

At this point you think you are free, in reality this is where the difficulties begin because especially new drivers risk a lot. As a result of just one infringement you can risk losing your driving license forever. That’s why it is recommended to keep the eyes well open and respect the highway code, always.

The highway code says that when you leave the house you must always carry all the documents with you, including the driving license which is indeed essential. In the event of a checkpoint, in the absence of the document, there is a very high risk.

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What happens if you don’t bring your driving license with you

If you don’t have your driving license with you. the police forces first identify the person, then check if he has really achieved it and if it is valid, finally they issue the fine.

But it doesn’t end there, because later it is necessary to take it for inspection at a nearby police station, to record everything. Those who do not comply with the orders receive a much heavier fine than before.

The administrative fine in the event of a checkpoint in the absence of a driving license costs €41. If you do not go to the barracks to show it within the terms established by law, you run the risk of being fined from a minimum of €431 up to a maximum of 1734 euros.

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