Parking, NEVER leave your car idle: you have no idea what’s going on

Leaving your car in a parking lot is a responsibility both for yourself and towards others, because if you make a mistake, however trivial, you risk a great deal.

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Unfortunately, not everyone knows the car it should never be left idlemany do it because they think it’s a negligible detail, of little importance.

All or almost all motorists do it, whether the car is in a level parking space or uphill or downhill.

Mistakes that are made while driving, be careful not to underestimate the parking

When you get your licence There are those who start driving immediately and those who don’t. Those who do it right away put into practice the notions they learned while attending driving school, then there are also those who reset everything and start doing everything their own way.

Then there are those who don’t drive right away so they forget and when they get back to driving, they start making mistakes, some unimportant, others are really dangerous.

For example, those who leave their car in the parking lot with the gearbox in neutral often do so without assessing the consequences they risk. There is nothing more wrong than this. Because as a result of this decision, they may occur accidents that are not insignificant, quite serious.

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How it is better to leave the car in the parking lot in conditions of total safety

When leaving the car in the parking lot, always pull the handbrake, then it is important to turn the steering wheel in the direction of least risk. For example in the mountains going downhill, if you park the car and there is a wall on one side, the steering wheel will have to be turned to the right to reduce if you are riding a motorbike. the space passable by the uncontrolled vehicle.

If, on the other hand, the wall is on the left and there is an overhang on the right, the steering wheel must be pointed to the left so as to prevent the car from falling into the ravine. The car parked downhill, especially if you have a vehicle parked in front, it should be left with reverse gear engaged.

Uphill, on the other hand, you have to engage the forward gear to overcome the force of gravity. If parking is on a flat road, it is best to leave first gear engaged and of course the handbrake on which must never be missing.

To restart then you have to push the clutch all the way down, starting the car with little effort and then carrying out the normal practices. There are few rules for safe parking, following them is not difficult.

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