What is the difference between grey, blue and orange speed cameras? You have no idea

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Speed ​​cameras are devices that scare, indeed terrify motorists from all over the world, because just when no one expects it, while you are proceeding at uncontrolled high speed, they are there ready to detect excesses and send fines of any cost.

Speed ​​Cameras
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The speed cameras are mounted on any road and highway, feared by all motorists because there is no way around them without having serious consequences.

There are those who, for example, try to elude them by covering the plate with a towel, some with a leaf, some by modifying it with insulating tape or felt-tip pens. However, they are all illegal tricks punishable by law.

Speed ​​cameras, why is there this color difference?

Around the streets you can find various types of speed cameras, there are orange ones, comma gray ones and blue ones. We all know them because we have probably seen them at least once in our lives in small towns or large cities.

The most curious will certainly have wondered what are the differences between speed cameras and speed cameras. What changes is only the color of the structure because fundamentally the speed camera itself does not have a difference function.

The color of the speed cameras or rather of the box in which the speed detector is installed is freely chosen. They can be either blue, orange or gray and are used to discourage motorists to exceed the speed limits imposed on the roads they travel on.

what speed cameras contain
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Because sometimes the boxes are closed

All these colored boxes are not fake as many are led to think, on the contrary they are all functional and work as speed detectors on fast roads. They can be installed on the right, left or in the centre.

If they are installed on the sides, speed cameras detect the speed of cars arriving from the same side. If instead they are installed in the center they can detect the speed of both cars arriving from the right and from the left.

Many motorists think they are empty boxes because inside them you often don’t see devices that detect speed. In reality they are empty shells within which the interested patrol, when needed, goes to place the detector, settling down hundreds of meters later, even if not always.

The unmanned speed cameras, which they don’t need a police patrol car present in the immediate vicinity function like those manned. Whatever color they are, however, they must be properly marked.

If I’m not, fines you receive at home can be contestedthe law in this regard is very clear.

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