Leaf on license plate trick, why is everyone using it now?

Not many motorists know the trick of the leaf on the license plate which, however, is slowly spreading all over the world.

Leaf on the plate
Leaf on the plate – Motori.News

It may seem trivial, but a leaf can save the lives of distracted motorists or who do not like to respect the rules of the road.

Be careful though because it is an illegal trick, which is consequently punishable by law. On the one hand he is able to avoid really high fines, but on the other if something goes wrong can really put the perpetrator at risk.

What happens in particular in the summer, and why

In summer you can see everything, the traffic on the streets increases, so motorists study them all to do what they want without risking hefty fines. There is for example who pretends to have been distracted and to have left the towel hanging from the trunk thus going to cover the license plate perhaps to counteract tutors and speed cameras.

In this way it is possible to pass through restricted traffic areas without getting fined, in the presence of checkpoints the consequences are bitter even if one has the excuse ready.

Then there’s use instead a fake magnetic leaf to cover some letter or some number of the license plate. With just one leaf, the license plate becomes unrecognizable, because the numbers and letters cannot be detected easily.

leaf plate trick
leaf – motors.news

How the system designed to avoid speed cameras works with a leaf

The system has been designed and studied properly to solve any problems in the event that there should be roadblocks. The leaf works exclusively in the presence of speed cameras and speed cameras, while in the case where there might be a checkpoint could make you risk much more than you think.

That’s why via an automatic system from inside the car using a remote control, you can drop it at any time in seconds, without attracting attention. If you are unlucky, the speed camera, despite the presence and use of the leaflet, manages to detect the model and part of the license plate which allows you to trace the owner and deliver the fine to your home.

You have to remember that hide the license plate, cover it and modify it with rubber bands or sprays is a crime in all respects. The Cassation recalls this through a sentence dating back to 2018.

The plates are certificates issued by the Pra which must not be modified in any way in their form and in their entirety, they must remain identical at the time of release, kept in perfect condition.

Anyone who modifies the license plates, for whatever reason, even risks tarnishing the criminal record.

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