“There was less hypocrisy”: the latest lash from the Honda MotoGP boss

There is a more serene atmosphere among the MotoGP riders. But is it really so? Here’s how the Honda boss thinks on the matter.

From Pedrosa-Lorenzo to today, the comment of the Honda boss – MotoriNews

There MotoGP it is certainly not immune to changes. The world championship is evolving, there is no lack of generational change with new pilots protagonists for the world crown. This is especially demonstrated by the last three years with three samples of the different world. But the way of dealing with each other among the pilots has also changed, who instead prefer to maintain a good relationship each other and consequently a serene climatewithout overdoing it. A way of doing that does not convince everyone, however. Alberto Puiga former racer, talent scout and Honda boss, expressed frankly your opinion on it.

The Pedrosa-Lorenzo duel

A thought also shared by some of the younger ones. An example is Alonso Lópezback with a straight leg in the World Cup and became immediately protagonist in Moto2. For the Spanish some spark it takes, otherwise “People get tired”. That’s exactly the thought of the home reference Honda in MotoGP. Alberto Puig has never held back when it comes to saying what he thinks, this time he does it too in his way. Also because he’s been ringside in one of the multiple head-to-heads on fire of the modern World Championship. His talented protégé was Dani Pedrosawhich at the time he didn’t really look favorably on Jorge Lorenzo, followed by Dani Amatriain. A feeling then reciprocated and not only on the track, given that the two young and aggressive promises they just couldn’t stand each other even when the competition was over. If we want to make a comparison, it was precisely the ‘Spanish version’ in 250cc of the eternal duel Rossi-Biaggi. “A Great Rivalry” the current Honda boss reminded DAZN Espana.

“It was harder, but…”

A battle which went on for a long time, until King Juan Carlos, forcing them to shake hands after a GP, did not ‘force’ them to think. But before that he was always a tight neck-and-neck. “Dani and Jorge were impressivehave taken the competition to a very high level” recalled Alberto Puig. He doesn’t have that praise for his former protégé and rival, two true legends of modern MotoGP. Also emphasizing how the extreme rivalry has led them to express yourself at your best‘pushed’ also by their respective mentors. “Dani Amatriain defended her interests, I mine.” The Honda MotoGP team manager also points out the trend weather: “We got along less well. She was much tougher, but she was there less hypocrisy highlighted Puig. a’evolution‘ which doesn’t convince him so too much…

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