Tutor, watch out for the stamp duty: if you haven’t paid it, you’ll be caught right away

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At the end of July, the brand new motorway tutors took their first steps in Italy, relying on a modern electronic control system, the SICVe-PM which practically does not miss anything.

Tutor eye to the stamp
Tutor eye on the tax – motori.news

After the announcement of bodies of the traffic policewhich the new tutors have shown with pride and satisfaction, many motorists have wondered if these new devices are also able to discover and sanction transgressions such as for example the lack of insurance or the payment of car tax.

In just a few days the alarm was spread by word of mouth very fast that sowed panic.

The doubts of Italian motorists

Untruthful news has spread on social media and the internet in general as well as many questions to which today we will try to give an appropriate answer. The new tutors should go to solve some problems related to circulation on critical points of the Italian motorway network.

The tutors go to detect the flow of road traffic through peripheral stations installed in various points of the motorways. There is a radar, a control unit that detects vehicles and takes care of the GPS data synchronization and a server that collects.

Finally, there is a device that ascertains violations and therefore high speed. In this regard, it must be specified that this detects two speeds, the average and the instantaneous.

He takes a photograph of the license plate, sends the data to the control center and thus the checks to ascertain the violation are started, which are used to evaluate and send the administrative sanction to the domicile with the total to be paid and any deduction of points from the licence.


Car tax, the most hated tax, confuses the ideas of motorists

As for the car tax, it is a tax much hated by Italian motorists because it is considered useless, it is the vehicle ownership tax that must be paid regardless of the use of the car.

You are forced to pay off the debt even if the car is not running, unlike the insurance that it must be paid only if the car is used for getting around the city or outside the city.

Unfortunately, today there are many who do not pay it because the total is high enough for all vehicles, of any type. The answer to the question that everyone is asking is the following: tutors do not check this data, they simply monitor the speed of vehicles without going any further.

These devices cannot check the payment of insurance or car tax, so at least for now motorists can sleep peacefully.

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