Does Start and Stop really consume less petrol? The truth is another

Do you really think that with Start and Stop you can save petrol? That’s not actually the case, or at least you can’t do it on all cars. Let’s find out with which cars you can adopt this system!

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Do you want to save fuel? With the Star and Stop system you can do it and you can also save energy, but you have to be careful driving electric and hybrid cars. The system allows you to save up to 30% fuel if you drive particularly in built-up areas.

Drivers are looking for savings given the energy price increases that have taken place in recent times, and fuel prices have not been outdone. But let’s see what this system consists of!

Fuel price hikes continue

Also if the government cut excise duties in December on fuel, in reality the prices have not decreased and drivers find themselves dealing with exorbitant price increases and difficulty in meeting expenses.

That’s why everyone goes looking for savings, but unfortunately with a thermal car it is almost impossible achieve this goal. Indeed, if you turn the car engine off and on again there is the risk that the engine could fail, so it shouldn’t be done.

Instead, the Start and Stop system works with electric and hybrid cars, which represent the cars of the future. Let’s find out how this system works and how much it saves.

Save fuel with the Start and Stop system

The new Start and Stop system designed for electric and hybrid cars saves up to 15% fuel while following various itineraries. Fuel savings can come even 30% if you drive the car in built-up areas.

Indeed, in these areas the car is usually stationary when there are traffic lights and therefore it consumes less fuel. The system works when the gearbox is in neutralor when the brake is applied without the clutch being pressed.

Instead, to leave it must be done by putting the first gear after taking off the brake. Despite the advantages that this system ensures, With the starter, problems are inevitable sooner or later. This motor remains running and therefore the risk is that it could be damaged.

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