New car, incentives up to €9,000: getting them is very simple

Need to buy a new car? Take advantage of the incentives of up to €9,000, this is a wonderful opportunity to have a new car and save money. Let’s find out how to get incentives!

new car incentives
New car, incentives up to 9,000 euros –

Being able to take advantage of a car bonus to buy a brand new car is certainly a great advantage for those who want to save money. Thanks to the new car incentives of up to 9,000 euros, all of this is possible and anyone who needs to buy a new car just has to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Be careful, thoughyou can’t find incentives in all of Italy, but only in a particular area, but the figures are important and it’s really worth it. You can finally buy a sustainable car and save on fuel costs, but also do a lot of good for the environment. Let’s find out where car incentives are practiced!

Where can you get the car bonus

THE new incentives can be requested in certain areas of our countryand in the case of car incentives up to 9 thousand euros you can request them in Genoa. In this area, in fact, there is currently a great movement regarding the car bonus, which it is awarded from 2022 until 2024.

The back of the electric Smart SUV
New car –

However, the bonus can only be obtained by purchasing certain types of vehicles, and given that we are in a transition phase towards non-polluting vehicles, this incentive is reserved for those who buy cars that do not impact the environment.

How to get the Genoa car bonus

Over the next three years, buying vehicles in Genoa is worthwhile and the incentive may come at nine thousand eurosa good amount to save on the purchase of a new car.

You can though request incentives if you choose certain types of car, starting with those belonging to the category M1, whether commercial or not, and in especially the electric ones.

Companies with a VAT number and third sector entities have access to the contribution to purchase up to a maximum of 5 vehicles. On each vehicle you can take advantage of the bonus of 9,000 euros for electric vehicles.

They are part of the incentives even hydrogen and hybrid cars. If you choose to buy a car of this type you can get an incentive of maximum 6 thousand euros. There are also excellent offers for LPG cars and the euro six, and electric bikes and commercial hydrogen vehicles are also included in the incentives. So take advantage of the incentives up to €9,000, because this is truly a wonderful opportunity to get a new car and save money.

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