Do you consume more petrol if you go at 50km/h or 100km/h? The answer is not what you expect

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If until now you’ve always thought that going at 50 km/h rather than 100km/h consumes less petrol, know that the answer is not what you expect. Let’s find out why!

50km/h or 100km/h?
50km/h or 100km/h? – Motors.News

The expensive petrol it has made many motorists turn around, who until recently did not give up on moving anywhere exclusively by car.

To date, in fact, the increases in fuel prices, which are absolutely excessive, discourage you from taking the carif you think that there is little petrol and that going outside the city or in the city itself costs too much.

Many think that going slowly consumes less petrolbut in reality there are other tricks to save on consumption, let’s find out what they are!

How to save on fuel consumption

One of the simplest methods to put into practice to save petrol, and also the most effective, is to be careful how the gears are used. In fact, incorrect use of the gearbox causes higher fuel consumption, as engine revs are lowered.

Also, if the accelerator is used excessively, fuel consumption is higher than it really should be. This means that when you engage a wrong gear or there is no gear change, fuel consumption increases.

Fortunately in new generation cars is present a warning light that warns you to change gearand this detail has a great influence on saving fuel.

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Avoid sudden stops and sudden starts

To consume less fuel you should also avoid some bad habits such as the following:

  • never make sudden stops
  • avoid starting off in a snappy way

Both things only increase fuel consumption and can also be dangerous. Moreover, accelerated actions must be avoided and must be done gradually for arrive at the right speed and be able to change gear.

Finally, it is important to remember that it is necessary check the engine speed while driving on the road, and can be saved when there are slopes or plains. Driving on a regular basis is the right choice to avoid wasting fuel and it is not true that if you go slowly you save money.

It is therefore correct to say that traveling at medium speed does not increase consumption and there are absolutely no risks of any kind. Instead, if you go too slow, you can risk causing an accident.

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