Never park in this place, €3100 fine immediately: you always do it

Parking the car is always a problem especially in big cities where there are few or paid parking lots and even in this case it is not certain that there are or that one can rest assured.

Car parks

Many decide to park in the second row, it is comfortable and practical, in a few minutes you can do what you have to do, for example buy bread, cigarettes, but unfortunately this behavior is punished by law because it hinders traffic and creates major problems and inconveniences.

Then there are also those who park where there is no parking, or in front of house entrances, without considering that this behavior can lead to the deduction of points from the license or fines. In the most serious cases it can even lead to the suspension of the driving license or to the intervention of the tow truck and therefore to the seizure of the vehicle.

What the highway code says about parking and cars

But be careful, because speaking of parking, c‘is a behavior in particular absolutely prohibited, anyone who does not take the law into account or in any case chooses not to respect it, assumes all responsibility for fines ranging from €3,100 to €7,000, also risking imprisonment ranging from 6 months to a year.

This is established by the highway code, the behavior in particular for which you risk prison and a fine has to do with a very widespread job, namely that of the abusive parking attendant. Everything that happens on the street is governed by the highway code. Cyclists, motorcyclists and even pedestrians must necessarily comply with the rules. Everyone has to abide by the rules.

When you are punishable

Going into detail, the irregularity concerning the figure of the abusive parking lot is punished by article 7 of the Highway Code, which says that those who carry out this activity and similar activities, without authorization, can receive a fine from €769 to € 3095. This and to do so are adults. Obviously everything becomes more serious if a minor is engaged in the business or if minors are involved in any way.

In these cases, the fine is modified, it can go from 2,000 to €7,000 with a penalty of imprisonment from six months to one year. The Court of Cassation also dealt with all this through the well-known provision of 2018 number 33165 which states that it is not necessarily necessary to threaten to get money. Just simply have the intention to make available a paid parkingwithout regularity, for being in error and therefore punishable.

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