Ferrari 812 Superfast With Over 100,000 Miles Hits 218 MPH On Autobahn

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Not all Ferraris spend the majority of their lives locked up in a temperature controlled garage. Some are used properly and driven extensively, like this 812 Superfast. The front mid-engined supercar has managed 165,000+ kilometers or over 102,500 miles. You know you’ve hit it when putting miles on a Ferrari doesn’t matter. While it appears to be in mint condition inside and out, it’s definitely not a garage queen.

The naturally aspirated V12 belonged to an exotic car dealer in Holland who had his predecessor the 812 Superfast, high-mileage F12tdf and 599 GTO which he also drove extensively. This 789-horsepower monster isn’t completely stock as it has been outfitted with a Novitec exhaust to enhance the scintillating soundtrack delivered by the 6.5-liter engine. Despite the relatively high mileage (for a supercar), the 812 Superfast is still as strong as it was demonstrated on the Autobahn.

Riding hard on unrestricted sections of German highways, it clocked in at 218 mph (351 km/h) while the V12 approached 8,000 rpm. Incredible speed aside, the lightning-fast gear changes of the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission are equally impressive. The noise made by the V12 as it approaches the red line reminds us that it is difficult to beat naturally aspirated engines and that we will surely miss NA in the electric era.

Lest we forget Ferrari also offers convertible derivatives like the 812 GTS, with both getting hardcore versions as the Competizione and the Competizione A with 819 hp. House of Maranello also made a one-off Omologata based on Superfast along with the Monza SP1 and SP2 speedsters using the same 812 bones.