Holden Commodore Wagon With Massive Turbo Makes 1,100 Horsepower


Even though the Holden-badged car never landed on US shores, several models still landed here. These include the latest Pontiac GTO, Pontiac G8, underappreciated Chevrolet SS, and the police-only Caprice. We were saddened when GM announced that they would be discontinuing the Australian marque, ending more than a century of rich history.

But just because Holden left, doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. In its home market, the brand still gets a lot of love from the aftermarket community. For example, check out this pocketed and upgraded VE Commodore Sportwagon.

The VE is the second of the last Australian-designed Commodore before the brand closes in 2020. The Sportwagon Glenn Tronic is a rare model as it is one of the few versions of the SS V with a manual transmission. Off the showroom floor, this wagon comes with a 6.0-liter V8 with 362 horsepower (270 kilowatts) and 391 pound-feet (530 Newton-meters) of torque. In other words, this is the Pontiac G8 car that North America has never had.

Glenn bought a stock car but ended up wanting more from a V8. He started with a naturally aspirated tone by increasing the engine’s internals. However, the lure of more horsepower is too tempting to pass up and features a big turbo. According to car owners, the extra boost gives the Commodore Sportwagon 1,129 horsepower (842 kilowatts). Despite its power, Glenn says his turbo wagon doesn’t give him any problems in terms of reliability.

Readers from Down Under may have noticed the HDT (Holden Dealer Team) decals and details on this wagon. Instead of going on the “regular” HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) route, Glenn HDT parts give it a retro feel. Also, the curtains on the back window are as Australian as the real thing.

However, in addition to a fairly large engine modification, Glenn also installed an air suspension system. He realizes that bags divide opinion in the aftermarket world but adds that that’s also what makes this build unique. The compressor takes up space in the cargo area, but there is still enough room to maintain a level of practicality.


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