Cadillac Plummets In Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings

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Cadillac sneaks in the most recent Consumer reports reliability rating, coming in at 17th place of 24 competitors, down five positions from the same study last year.

As a reminder, CR formulated its reliability score on a scale of zero to 100 points. The publication solicited responses from owners of more than 300,000 vehicles, ranging from the 2000 model year to the 2023 model year, who were asked about the problems they had while driving in the past 12 months. Problem areas are categorized into 17 divisions, which cover engines, transmissions and electronics. In order to collect appropriate data for a particular automaker, two or more of its models must be part of the study.

For the 2022 CR Reliability Rating, the 2022 industry average is between 41 and 60 points. Interestingly, the publication found that the domestic brand scored 40 points on the scale, which is lower overall than foreign automakers. In comparison, Asian auto brands earned an average of 59 points, while European brands scored an average of 51 points.

When compiling the data for its ranking, the publication divides the vehicles into four overall categories. Sedans, hatchbacks, and coupes are considered part of the “Cars” category, which scores 58 points on the reliability scale, making it the most reliable category in this study. Next is the SUV category with an average of 51 points, followed by the minivan category with 44 points. Finally, pickups are considered the least reliable of the segment, with an average score of just 39 points.

Interestingly, domestic SUVs scored an average of 45 points, while American-made pickups scored 41 points, outperforming the industry average in the category. While domestic cars get 38 points.

Industrial, hybrid and plug-in vehicles were rated the most reliable with an impressive score of 78 points. However, fully electric vehicles score in the second least reliable category.

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