White stripes, you can no longer park there: €55 fine if you do

Parking on the white lines and not paying is the dream of all motorists in the world who today find themselves completely surrounded by parking lots with blue lines, whose prices have skyrocketed.

White stripes
White stripes – Motori.News

The misconduct of motorists today is costlybut making mistakes starting from January 2023, albeit trivial, could cost much more than usual.

Following the accidents and unjustifiable behavior of motorists, it was decided to increase the penalties and to modify the rules of the highway code to make the safer traffic and keep everything under control.

What you can’t do and what you risk

From January onwards it will be much more expensive to park in the second row or along the cycle paths, on the sidewalks. In this case the fine is around €110. If, on the other hand, you park on the white lines, think only for the severely disabled the cost of the fine is between 35 and 55 euros.

If you park in an area dedicated only to charging electric vehicles or car sharing the fine is €55. Same thing if you park on marked paths, or those related to access by firefighters, other authorities including rescue vehicles. In these cases, the fine can reach €100.

Can not miss the fine for those who they park on the white lines but in the opposite direction to the march. In this case you pay €55, whereas before it was €15. We all know that there is a ban on driving in the emergency lane, but some still do.

Who commits this infraction risks a fine ranging from 200 to €320 with the ban on the circulation of the vehicle for a month. On the other hand, as regards truck drivers who do not respect the speed limits or who do not signal the lane change, a fine of €70 is foreseen.


What happens if you park on cycle paths

Many have the habit of parking the car on the sidewalk or on cycle paths, even if it’s wrong for a few minutes, now you can get fines from 25 to €100. It can be received a €70 fine if you park illegally in the railway area.

Drivers who do not respect the speed limits from now on will have to be very careful because they risk very high penalties. Obviously, the ban on circulation in some areas such as those with limited traffic remains in force to put a stop to users who do not respect the rules to strengthen road safety and reduce the number of accidents as much as possible.

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