Is it true that according to the highway code you cannot leave your car parked with the windows down?

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Leaving the car parked with the windows down is a common habit, anyone who has done it at least once in their life.

no parking with open windows
Is it true that you can’t leave your car parked with the windows down? –

We do it because we think we’re wasting little time, so we park the car, get out of the vehicle, go do the errand leaving the car open and the window down, all very quick and simple.

Unfortunately, however, the law does not think so, however little time can be lost, there is a very high risk. In this regard indeed the highway code is quite clear.

The highway code establishes that leaving the car parked with the windows down is a crime

The CDS laws have remained unchanged for many years, the same has been modified several times over the last few months, with the aim of making road traffic much safer, keeping all user behavior under control.

Among the various changes is the one that has to do with the habit of leaving the windows open with the car parked for a few minutes. For the uninitiated, leave the car with the windows down, can cause serious damage to the vehicle owner.

All this may seem strange, exaggerated or inappropriate, in reality it is not at all, there is a reason and it is clear.

That’s why the car window can’t be left down

Leaving the car window down, whatever it is, could appear as an invitation to steal what is inside the vehicle. If a traffic policeman happened to be passing by, this could also decide to fine the offender.

Anyone who leaves the car parked with the windows down therefore risks getting a fine of €40, because this is what article 158 paragraph 4 says.

The article reads: “During parking and stops, the driver must take the appropriate precautions to avoid accidents e prevent the use of the vehicle without the consent of the owner or driver”.

Anyone who thinks they have received an inappropriate report can also proceed with the immediate contestation of the same, in the hope of being able to obtain the cancellation of the himself saving an unexpected expense.

What can be deduced is that those who have animals cannot take them with them to some places where their entry is prohibited, henceforth they cannot even consider the idea of ​​leaving them in the car for a few minutes with the window down.

In fact, this would mean committing infractions after infractions. For all these reasons you have to pay attention to how you move and what you do in any case when you are in the car, whether traveling or parked.