Bus stop, never park your car nearby: they confiscate everything

At the bus stop no one should ever park their car because the law prohibits parking 15 meters before and 15 meters after the stop sign.

bus stop never park
Never park your car near the bus stop – motori.news

Many leave their cars there or they stop for a few minutes to drop off someone who has to take the bus.

A lot of people actually do it it is very convenient and practical especially if you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to go looking for the perfect parking space. Yet it is good to know that it is better not to do it because you risk much more than you think.

That’s why you can’t park near the bus stop or even above it

Parking near the bus stop or above it is forbidden for 15 meters before and after, because the large vehicle needs ample room to manoeuvre.

Reference is made to the article 158 of the Highway Code paragraph 2 Dwhich regulates parking and stopping in the areas adjacent to the bus stop.

It ultimately clarifies that parking and stopping are prohibited both in correspondence, and near level crossings, railway and tram lines, in tunnels, underpasses, underpasses, under arcades, on bends and bumps.

Then obviously both are forbidden in correspondence with any vertical road sign or traffic light, outside the inhabited center near the crossroads, in the centers inhabited near or at crossroads or less than 5 meters.

The same goes for pedestrian crossings and sidewalks which must always be free.

Students on the bus
Bus stop – Motori.news

Where you can’t stop or you can’t stop by law, here’s what you risk

You cannot stop at the entrance to the driveways, in the second row or in the spaces reserved for buses, trolleybuses and vehicles traveling on rails, in junctions, in spaces reserved for parking and stopping vehicles reserved for disabled people, in urban pedestrian areas, in restricted traffic areas and in lanes or carriageways reserved only for public transport.

Anyone who violates the provisions can risk a fine from 80 to 328 euros for motor vehicles and mopeds, while for all other vehicles there is talk of a fine ranging from €165 to €660.

In the event of a report following errors committed by those driving mopeds or cars, it is advisable to pay instantly to take advantage of a discount which, although insignificant, can make a difference. Contesting the fines in these cases is more than wrong.

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