The 10 Best Snow Sleds for Winter

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Winter means a lot to many families hot cocoaigloos in the backyard, the snow crunching as you build an army snow angel, and of course, snow sleds and snow tubes. These days, adults probably have as much fun as kids sliding down a huge hill.

The Best Snow Sleds and Tubes

      What to Consider

      Not all sleds are designed for kids: Some are too big or too fast. That’s why we made sure to highlight sleds of several different sizes and speeds so that everyone can have fun in the snow.

      When you buy a sled for kids, you want to look for one that has a good grip, is age-appropriate for your child, and is durable. Materials they are made of vary widely – from wood to vinyl to hard plastic – and often, super cheap slides are made with a flimsy plastic that is prone to breaking after just one or two uses.

      A broken sled isn’t just a disappointment; it can also be dangerous if it happens in the middle of a trip. That’s why the sleds we chose for the youngest riders are made of wood, with sleepers and side rails. You need to think about three main things: the number of riders, the material and the age of the riders.

      • Number of Riders: When kids are first learning to ride a bike, a tandem — or double sled — is a great option. That way, older, experienced riders can join them, helping them learn how to steer and stop. You can get traditional tandem or tube sleds.
      • Material: Wooden slides with rails last the longest, but are also the most expensive. Also, there is a learning curve with wooden sleds on skis that isn’t there for other styles of sleds. These do tend to become heirlooms though, so you should consider that as well.
      • Rider Age: There are some sled styles that are really just for older kids, such as the scooter style and the snowmobile style. Smaller tubes, discs, and toboggan styles are perfect for younger riders, as are tandem sleds.

        Also consider owning one child wearing a helmet, as pediatricians have been insisting on in recent years. Anyone who’s been hit by snow knows how hard it can hit, and protecting your child’s developing brain is always a good idea.

          You might prefer to play around with a professional sled or sled designed for speed, or you might enjoy sitting on a slick plate or a fun, Instagram-worthy tube with a unique design. Whatever your preference, gather the kids (or a few friends), and enjoy some winter fun on one of these snow sleds.

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Best Overall


Children’s Drag Sled


Best Inflatable Toboggan

cute kid

Striped Toboggan Sled


Only the Funniest

Snow Candy

Polar Bear Snow Sled


Funniest Style


Winter Flamingo Snow Tube


Best Upright Sled

Gizmo Rider



Easiest storage


Lightweight Snow Sled Roll Flying Carpet


Best Standing Model


Original LED Ski Scooter


Fast and Affordable

Flexible Aviator

Paricon 626-G


Best Bobsled Style

Flexible Aviator

Lightning Snow Sledge for Kids & Adults


Best Tube

Franklin Sports

2 Person Arctic Trail Snow Tube

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