Two-lane roundabout, this maneuver is no longer allowed: they take everything away from you

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When you enter a two-lane roundabout, you often don’t really know how to behave or what the law requires and therefore the highway code indicates and obliges you to do.

2-lane roundabout
2-lane roundabout – Motori.News

There are some people who regardless give way to roundabouts or crossroads, others who noThey don’t stop even in the presence of giving way.

Then, some signal any breakthrough well in advance and still others don’t do it simply because they don’t know what’s right to do and what’s not.

The doubts of motorists and the consequences

Most motorists wonders if it’s right to point with the arrow your intention to turn left or right, when to signal the maneuver and what the law says about it.

That is why it is necessary to clarify everything in time to avoid mistakes that can have bad consequences such as accidents that even if not at high speed can damage people or things.

Usually when you get your licence, driving instructors explain what the highway code says to rule out doubts of any kind. Yet sometimes it’s not enough, because we forget, why you choose not to comply with the rules and so on.

How to behave when you are at the roundabout

Here are some explanations that could serve to clarify the ideas of most. When entering a roundabout, many wonder whether to go left according to the highway code you have to indicate the intention with the left arrow or not.

According to the highway code, if you enter a roundabout, you must indicate with the arrow to the left if you want to exit at the third exit or at any other exit among the successive ones. Otherwise, no arrows need to be activated.

In the same way few people know that at the roundabout you cannot and should never use the horn, unless there has been an accident.

The first recommendation is to moderate the speed because most of the accidents happen for this reason and therefore for failure to respect signs and precedence.

The second golden rule that everyone must keep in mind and respect in any case is that you must always give way to vehicles circulating within the roundabout and wait to merge into traffic if you feel you do not have enough time to do so safely. Otherwise you risk fines and accidents.