MotoGP, Dani Pedrosa and that incredible refusal in 2009 “In my heart…”

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When he was in business, Dani Pedrosa has always been loyal to Honda. But a MotoGP manufacturer managed to surprise him in the past…

Dani Pedrosa and that unexpected offer – MotoriNews

There are riders who accept challenges with multiple MotoGP teams, while others remain loyal to a single brand. In the first case we have several examples, considering the many changes we will see in 2023. Jack Miller from Ducati to KTM, Alex Marquez from Honda to Ducati, the ex-Suzuki duo hired by Honda, Pol Espargaro who leaves Honda for GasGas (KTM). But there are those who have never wanted to change. Dani Pedrosaas a rider loyal only to Honda and retired since 2018, has in fact revealed an offer that came to him from another manufacturer, a move he really didn’t expect.

Underrated talent

Of Dani Pedrosa it can certainly be said that he was a driver who was considered less than he deserved. He was one of the “fantastic 4” of MotoGP, yet the greatest attention was always for Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo. The little samurai instead he was always considered a step behind the big three opponents. But, once you retire and switch to KTM as a test driver, many have started to notice him. Certainly at the house in Mattinghofen something is still missing to be really on top, but theI commit by Pedrosa is definitely out of the question. And it is one strange coincidence that Honda started the technical decline (although limited by the talent of Marc Marquez) just when issue #26 has change of scenery for the first time, after an entire MotoGP career from faithful guardian of HRC colors…

Pedrosa and the unexpected offer

It was the 2009 and a certain Italian house had knocked on his door. Was Ducatiwhich he wanted to try to secure Dani Pedrosa. Some time has passed now, but the Sabadell driver still remembers the surprise in that moment. “I immediately tried to understand what the situation was, we had all heard that it was one difficult bike he told DAZN Espana. He was actually a hard time for the Borgo Panigale house, except for the iris of talent Casey Stoner. It seems like a different era compared to what we have seen in this 2022… But going back to Pedrosa, the answer was all of feeling. “In my heart I have always wanted to race with Honda he has declared. Then admitting that The offer surprised meI didn’t even consider changing. Eventually I thought about it, but it wasn’t in my plans.” Seen them undisputed qualities as Pedrosa’s test driver, who knows what could have happened.