What is the difference between continuous and double stripe? It’s not like it used to be

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According to some, the continuous stripe and the double stripe are identical, in reality according to the highway code they are very different and indicate very specific behaviors to be observed in order not to make mistakes which can have serious consequences.

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In any case, both represent distinct and separate obligations, on which the various articles and in particular article 139 clarify.

Those who have obtained a driving license are unlikely to have a clear understanding of the distinction so they will know how to behave, those who have owned it for some time could have confused ideas.

Then obviously those who have had their driving license for a long time but who do not respect the highway code cannot be missing despite having very clear ideas and despite being well informed.

When are continuous and double stripe present? Clarifications on this

It should be known that if accidents occur due to infractions that may seem trivial at the moment, you risk a lot. This is why it is recommended to pay attention and always maintain a high level of safety when driving any vehicle.

Here we are at the point: the single strip and the double strip separate the directions of travel- Generally the single strip is used for also delimit emergency lanes or different carriageways.

The continuous strip and the double one are present on single carriageway roads or with two or more lanes to delimit them and try to make traffic safe.

Then they are present when there are two or more lanes for the same direction of travel or when it is necessary to resort to the separation of the directions of traffic because they do not coincide with the axis of the carriageway. They are also found when the central reservation is present.

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Is it forbidden to overtake in the presence of a continuous line? Here is the answer

It is important to know that the continuous strip and the double strip cannot be crossed, therefore overtaking cannot be done unless there is not enough space to be able to overtake without going past them.

Obviously, overtaking is forbidden if there is a special road sign or there are specific circumstances. For example, overtaking, regardless of the single or double lane, is prohibited near or at curves because you can’t keep tabs on the whole road.

Just as it is prohibited on speed bumps, intersections, etc.

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