Wiper blades, this ingredient is enough to make them new again: run to the kitchen

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Having a correct view when driving a car is essential. Some of the most important elements to always have in working order are, without a doubt, the wiper blades. In fact, the windscreen and rear window must always be free from water and dirt. But how can you always have wiper blades like new? Here is the “mysterious” ingredient that will help you.

Wiper blades
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The dirty glass it is one of the things that create the greatest annoyance for users driving a car. In some cases, the windows will fog up and it will be necessary to turn on the choke to have a correct view. In other cases, however, the obstructed view is due to the presence of dust, dirt, stains or other things on the windshield or rear window. It becomes essential to have perfectly functional wiper blades at all times.

THE wipers it is essential to operate them in the event that precipitation is falling from the sky, such as rain or snow. Activating these devices will be able to make the glass as clean as possible, so that we can always circulate in the best possible way in every situation.

Sometimes, however, the wiper blades can wear out over time. You can tell by the noise they make at each passage, but also by some annoying streaks they leave on the glass.

Normal use, in fact, over time can lead to deformation of the brushes and greater resistance during the action of the wipers, also due to a certain “dryness”.

It becomes very important to replace them, in case they show too obvious signs of wear. But other times, however, you can give new life to these elements, by means of a simple do-it-yourself operation with an ingredient that is easily present in your kitchen. Which? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Wiper blades: here’s how to get them back to working order

When operating the windshield wipers, it is sometimes important to also spray some detergent suitable for washing windows. It will allow you to remove major dirt. Nevertheless, if we want the wipers to do their job at their best, without leaving streaks on the glass, it becomes important to check the deterioration of the brushes.

Windscreen wipers olive oil - Motori.News
An ingredient in your kitchen can make your car’s wiper blades work again: here’s how

In some cases, the wear can be so bad that you only need to go in one direction. We are referring to the actual change of brushes. These new elements will ensure that your wipers are usable again right away. But what if we don’t want to proceed with the change?

In the event that the brushes are only dry, but not completely deteriorated, then it is good to know that there is an original do-it-yourself method capable of “reviving” these elements. And in doing so, you need a traditional ingredient in your kitchen. we refer toolive oil.

You will need to take this ingredient and spread it on a soft microfiber cloth. This cloth will be used on the wiper blades. Once this operation has been carried out, it will be left “at rest” for a few hours. At this point you can remove the oil from the brushes by cleaning them with another soft cloth. Once you get into the car, you will then have to operate the wipers with water.

Wiper blades
Wiper blades – Motori.News

The action of the cooking oil should have softened the brushes, making them like new again. Another similar method involves the presence of other elements, such as petroleum jelly and vinegar. The procedure to follow is the same as we have just described.