License plate scam, check this thing out now before it’s too late

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When a license plate is lost, stolen or destroyed, you need to report it, so you don’t know what can happen. Let’s see what to do in these cases and who needs to be notified for the loss or theft of a car license plate.

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Can happen to lose the license plate of the carbut it can even happen to be stolen and the bad guys can use it for illicit purposes. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to notify the competent bodies to make them aware that the license plate is not found. Let’s find out in detail who needs to notify and how to do it!

The report must be made to the police

In case should you lose your car’s number plate, or maybe both license plates were stolen, you need to submit a police report. The complaint must be made by the person who registered the DUi.e. the Single Vehicle Circulation and Ownership Document.

15 days after the complaintif there was no discovery of the license plates, ask the Motor Vehicle Offices to re-register the car and to re-register with the PRA to have the new number plates and the new DU issued. The request must be submitted to the STATelematic Driver’s Desk.

What documents must be presented

Documents from submit to request re-registration of the vehicle whose license plates have been lost are:

  • Paper Certificate of Ownership
  • Vehicle Circulation and Ownership Document
  • Any license plate left
  • Photocopy of the identity document
  • Fiscal Code

In case the plates were stolen or they are lost it is necessary attach to the DU the police report or a statement that the report has been made and state the date and place where it was presented.

If the document is in a foreign language need attach one in Italianwhich must comply with what is reported in the foreign document and translated by an official diplomatic representative.

In case the document is made out to a non-EU citizen resident in Italy a copy of the valid residence permit is required or, if expired, attach to it the copy certifying the sending of the renewal application.

Alternatively, an identity document and a photocopy of the receipt certifying the sending of the application, or a copy of the extended-term EC residence permit, may be fine.