Speed ​​cameras, fines even for those traveling in the opposite direction: if this is the case, be careful

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The speed camera is the nightmare of all motorists in the world who, when they drive despite being aware of risking fines and accidents, get distracted and accelerate more than necessary or go beyond the limits permitted by the highway code.

Speed ​​Cameras
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The speed detector by the way it’s always there ready to strike right in the heart of motorists who press the accelerator pedal excessively and do not respect the limits on all roads.

Those who don’t want to be late for work or university, those who are on vacation and want to travel carefree sometimes do so specifically in the hope of not being caught by the speed camera. Unfortunately, however, you have to know that nothing escapes the detector that does not let one escape.

Careless and inattentive motorists are the main cause of accidents

Motorists are often unconscious and so they put their own lives and that of others at risk, not respecting the rules of the road. For these reasons, the controls over the last few months have increased, in an interesting way.

This should somewhat satisfy motorists, who unfortunately, however, are more afraid than anything else. On the other hand, it is not known for what reason, anyone is afraid even of the checkpoints that are supposed to give security and which instead inspire fear.

In Italy speed cameras must in any case be reported, because the fines deriving from them are valid only in this case. Otherwise they can be challenged then one can hope for cancellation.

In order for the fines to be valid, in addition to the reported speed camera, the license plate and model of the car, the day and time of the offence, the speed limit at which the vehicle was traveling and the limit imposed on that road. If this information were to be absent, then the fine is invalid.

Speed ​​Cameras
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Speed ​​cameras, when they detect the speed of all cars in various directions

The mobile speed cameras used by the police they do not have to be reported but they cannot be hidden either whether they are on one side of the road or central. Another discussion opens in this regard.

Speed ​​cameras in general they only detect the speed of cars arriving from the same direction and not from the opposite direction. But there are double devices that are placed in the center of the road and not on the side that detect the speed of all vehicles.

They are usually found on a special central island e they measure speed in both directions. Ultimately, if the equipment were to be on the right of the carriageway, it would measure the speed of the nearby lane, the same thing in the opposite lane.

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