What happens if you don’t give way to pedestrians crossing the road?

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It is good practice to give way to pedestrians near an intersection or on any other stretch of road where there are crossings. Unfortunately, there are many who “go straight on”, without worrying about the need for the pedestrian to cross the road. But what do you risk if you avoid giving way to these road users? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Priority to pedestrians
Pedestrian priority – motori.news

Among the many rules established by the Traffic Laws there is also the one that regulates the right moves to make in the presence of pedestrian crossing and users on the street on foot. Anyone at the wheel of a motorized vehicle is obliged to give way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings. But not only.

In fact, anyone who has already used the lane on foot will have to complete this operation with the “help” of motorists. In all cases, however, it is good practice to slow down dramatically at crossroads and pedestrian crossings, even if there are no people on the side of the road.

Even the pedestrian, however, he can’t do as he pleases. For him, in fact, it is fundamental be sure to cross the road safelydespite the presence of pedestrian crossings.

But what happens if you don’t give way to pedestrians at an intersection? Here are all the details on this situation.

What happens if you don’t give way to crossing pedestrians? Here’s what you risk

Not giving way to pedestrians in the presence of white lines is a real infringement of the Highway Code. Not only, therefore, a gesture of rudeness towards others, but also something that could be very expensive economically. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Pedestrian priority
Give way to pedestrians on crossings: the Highway Code requires it – Motori.News

The behavior of drivers of motorized vehicles towards pedestrians is regulated by thearticle 191 of the Highway Code. It claims this: “When traffic is not regulated by agents or traffic lights, drivers must give way, gradually slowing down and stopping, to pedestrians crossing pedestrian crossings or are in their immediate vicinity”.

It’s still: “Drivers who turn to enter another road at the entrance to which there is a pedestrian crossing must give way, gradually slowing down and stopping, to pedestrians passing through the same crossing or who are in its immediate vicinity, when they are not passage is forbidden. On roads without pedestrian crossings drivers must allow the pedestrianwho has already started crossing by engaging the carriageway, to reach the opposite side in safety conditions”.

If the conditions imposed by this important article of the Highway Code are not respected, the risk is that of running into a heavy administrative fine. Anyone caught failing to give way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings or when the pedestrian has already entered the road risks paying a fine. between 167 and 665 euros.

At night the fine can also exceed 800 euros. But that’s not all. In fact, the update of the Highway Code also provides for an increase in the points removed from the driving license if you do not give way to pedestrians. Indeed, it went from five points deducted to a good eight points. A real blow.

Pedestrian crosswalk - Motori.News
Pedestrian crossing on the crosswalk – Motori.News

Our invitation to everyone is to always secure pedestrians, patiently waiting for them to pass on the pedestrian crossing. A civil behavior that also allows you to avoid heavy fines, as we have just seen.