Overtaking on the right onto the Autostrada is now possible: you just have to do this

Are you aware of all the road rules when you get into your car? Having obtained a driving license, the answer should be yes. Despite this, some details are “hidden” in the Highway Code in reference to some apparently not permitted moves. One of these cases refers to overtaking on the right on the motorway. Is it allowed? Here are all the details about it.

Overtake on the highway
Overcoming on the highway – Motori.News

Travel by highway involves some basic rules. Each motorist must occupy the freer lane on his right and overtake slower vehicles on the left, regularly placing the arrow before changing lanes. A way of behaving that puts you and the other users on the road in total safety. In some specific cases, however, the Highway Code permits a maneuver that is apparently not permitted. Here’s which one.

Article 143 of the Highway Code, paragraph 5, says the following thing: “Unless otherwise indicated, when a carriageway has two or more lanes in each direction, you must take the freer lane on the right; the lane or lanes on the left are reserved for overtaking”.

This rule, therefore, would exclude any attempt to overtake on the right. As can be clearly seen from the Highway Code, in fact, overtaking on the right is permitted only and exclusively on the left. A modus operandi that would guarantee almost total safety to all users present on that specific stretch of motorway.

Yet, there is one exception. In some specific cases – and dictated by the particular moment – it will be allowed to pass another vehicle on the motorway also on the right. It may seem strange, but that’s how it is. Here we explain this particular case to you.

Is it possible to overtake on the right on the motorway? Here’s everything you need to know

We are not talking about a real overtaking, but about overtaking to the right. The Highway Code, in fact, distinguishes the two words very well, namely “surpass” and “exceed”. It is not a mere lexical exercise, but there is a very evident basic difference between the two words. What does it mean to overcome instead of overtaking? Here are all the details on this possibility provided on the motorway.

Overtaking and overtaking
Overtaking on the right is not allowed, but overtaking is. What’s the difference? – Motors.News

The overtaking, as mentioned, is not allowed right. Indeed, it refers to a real one active maneuver, a deliberate move when overtaking a slower vehicle on the right and not on the left. This thing is absolutely prohibited by Traffic Laws and you could be fined with a sum between 81 and 326 euros.

In the event of heavy traffic on a motorway with 2 or more lanes, however, the Highway Code provides for other vehicles to be overtaken on the right. The presence of a heavily trafficked motorway, in fact, risks having – in some cases – lanes on the right that are more “fast” than those on the left. In this case, the maneuver is not active. You would be overtaking a vehicle on the right not actively, but simply staying in your travel lane.

Overtaking on the right happens quite often on motorways, ring roads or other similar roads. Indeed, heavy traffic or the presence of many cars in the central lane at limited speed can cause other cars to passively overtake on the right.

Practically, overtaking to the right on the motorway is an anomaly due to heavy traffic or to the incorrect behavior of another user present at that moment. In fact, anyone who decides to travel at not too high speeds should always occupy the free lane furthest to the right and not, for example, the one in the centre.

Overtaking right
Take the motorway on the right – Motori.News

Indeed, those who do not travel in the free lane further to the right while traveling on the motorway – despite having the possibility – is punishable by one fine of between 42 and 173 euros.

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