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There are so many spies on cars, they don’t always recognize each other because we don’t all have the same knowledge and the same preparation.

yellow abs light what does it mean
Yellow ABS warning light – motori.news

There are those who are more informed and those who are a little less informed. Those who love cars are fully informed and therefore are able to recognize these types of warning lights that warn of upcoming problems and various malfunctions.

Others, on the other hand, know only the main spies, those we are used to dealing with every day. Yet you should have a complete preparation not to suddenly find yourself in dangerous and worrying situations, as well as quite expensive.

Colored warning lights that come on in the car, that’s what they indicate

The colored warning lights can come on while driving for many reasons, some appear and disappear, others, on the other hand, remain impressed and are certainly to be verified. In some cases they are minor spies, in others they are fundamental, if underestimated can cause serious damage.

In fact, a single symbol can hide a very expensive breakdown around the corner, so if you realize that it is on in time and run for cover, you can solve a problem well in advance.

If, on the other hand, the problem is underestimated the consequences can be truly dramatic. One of the widespread and dangerous warning lights is the one that indicates ABS. This warning light has a red circle, if it turns on it would certainly indicate a serious malfunction.

Abs warning light red exclamation mark

This is what the ABS warning light means

The turning on of the red ABS warning light may indicate a fault in the braking system. ABS is the anti-lock braking system which allows the brakes to work well and to ensure a good duration as well as a lot of driving safety.

If this warning light should come on, you must immediately run to a professional to check for any damage and to prevent the system from suddenly blocking or the car from skidding causing serious accidents.

Then there is another colored light, always red, whose lighting on the dashboard could indicate immediate dangers. This, like all the others, should not be overlooked. This is a red warning light with an exclamation mark indicating that the vehicle is leaking brake fluid.

In this case, call for help immediately and avoid continuing the journey. The brake fluid is responsible for their operation. If it is missing, then the brakes may stop working. The advice is to call a tow truck and transport the car to an authorized garage.

Although it may have a high cost, this could prevent exaggerated disbursements above allor if the damage is not minor.

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