2024 Ford F-150 Facelift Spying Crew Cabin Lariat Trim

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A mid-cycle refresh for the F-150 is under way at Ford. Our spy team in Detroit caught another black prototype on camera, this time in a crew cab format. The heavy camouflage still covers the fore and aft, but the images capture some interesting details.

For starters, we think it’s an F-150 Lariat with a sporting appearance package. Note the side skirting and sliding rear windows, features that were missing from our first sighting of the facelifted F-150 from early December. This test truck uses different wheels, and a very A close look at the front reveals a body-colored bumper tucked under a white bandage. That would go hand in hand with the sport package, but it could also be the reality of the all-black test vehicle.

Keeping our eyes on the future, it appears that the headlights will be largely the same as those on the current truck. The dual headlight configuration with the yellow turn signal in the center is obvious, but a change to the C-shaped housing may be in the cards. The grille may increase in size, reaching further into the bumper. Sharp lines in white camouflage cloth reveal a lower grille opening, but to Ford’s credit, the detail is well hidden.

Fortunately, the driver applied the brakes while passing the camera. This lets us get a glimpse of the new taillight design with a vertical line curving forward near the top of the lens. It’s completely different from the current F-150, but somewhat resembles the taillights on the electric F-150 Lightning. It’s unclear whether the overall shape of the taillights will change, but the internal elements will definitely. Our sources also tell us that the multi-function rear door is hiding under a black cover.

No word yet on what powertrain options will be offered. Being a mid-cycle refresh, there’s no reason to believe that the current range of F-150 engines won’t carry over. The same goes for the interior, although a larger touchscreen and minor design tweaks are always a possibility.

At this time, we believe the updated pickup truck will make its debut in mid-2023, going on sale as a 2024 model year.