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Respecting the safe distance from the car in front of us is essential. Failure to comply with this requirement can cost you dearly, both in terms of the fine to pay and the many points deducted from your licence. Let’s find out what the Highway Code provides in reference to this factor concerning road safety. And let’s also see which device helps you comply with the rules in each situation.

Safety distance
Safety distance –

One of the most important aspects to always keep in mind when behind the wheel is the maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. On every road this obligation is present. The risk of causing serious traffic accidents is just around the corner, especially on high-speed roads, such as motorways, ring roads or expressways. What do you risk not complying with this requirement?

It is not always possible to respect the safety distance, due to the heavy traffic. Under normal conditions, however, it is a fundamental requirement. But a How far apart should you be from the car in front? The calculation on meters depends on the travel speed.

If you are traveling approx 50 km/hthen you will need to keep a safe distance of at least 25 meters. In case of speed of 90 km/h, instead, the minimum distance goes up to 40 meters. TO 130 km/h of speed, therefore on the motorway, the safety distance, finally, must be at least 130 meters.

Obviously, it will not be possible to calculate the safety distance to the millimeter while driving. It therefore becomes important to visually evaluate the right space to leave in front of us in the event of sudden braking and danger. Having the right reaction time, therefore, can avoid rear-end collisions and often serious road accidents.

But what does the Highway Code say? What fine do you risk if you do not respect an adequate safety distance? Things get enormously worse in the event of a road accident and personal injury. Here’s what you need to know.

Safety distance: this is what happens if you don’t respect it

The safety distance between the various vehicles is regulated by thearticle 149 of the Highway Code. It says the following thing: “During the march, the vehicles must maintain, with respect to the vehicle in front, a safety distance such that timely stopping is guaranteed in any case and collisions with the vehicles in front are avoided”.

Safety distance
Safety distance: here’s what you risk if you don’t respect it – Motori.News

Furthermore, the same article also regulates the sanctions for those who do not respect the safety distance. Anyone who should be caught out, in fact, risks a fine between 41 and 169 euros, in addition to three points removed from the driving licence.

Things get worse in the event of a road accident caused by failure to comply with this requirement. In that case, the penalty rises in an inclusive range between 85 and 338 euros in the event of a collision with serious damage caused to other vehicles. The points deducted from the license then reach five. If you cause another accident in the following two years, you also risk having your license suspended for up to three months.

Finally, there is the most serious case, namely that relating to serious injury to another person in the event of a collision due to failure to observe a safe distance. The fine rose from 422 to 1697 euros and the points deducted from the license to eight. All fines rise by a third at night.

Safety distance
Safety distance – Motori.News

On several recent car models there is a valid device. It takes the name of adaptive cruise control and allows you to maintain a correct safe distance, being able to adjust the travel speed based on the road and the traffic conditions present.

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