Car insurance, 6928 euro fine if you choose this one: everyone avoids it

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Car insurance is essential because it allows you to go around the streets without problems and without running any kind of risk.

Car Insurance
Car insurance –

It is one of the taxes most hated by Italian motorists, because it is very expensive.

Car tax and insurance are the two taxes that some motorists choose not to pay to save money.

Unlike the car tax which must always be paid, even if the car is not used to move around, the insurance of both cars and motorbikes or any other vehicle must be paid only if the vehicle is circulating on the streets. Otherwise no.

Car insurance, pay attention to the often inopportune and wrong convenient choices

Obviously the solution to save money is not not paying mandatory taxes, but paying the minimum by taking advantage of one stable, convenient and reliable coverage.

Finding the one that’s right for you isn’t difficult, you have to go on a continuous search to avoid making mistakes and not trusting random insurance companies perhaps found on the internet during a quick search.

When we conclude an insurance contract we have to pay attention to so many little thingswhich allow us to save on tax without falling into real traps that smack of scam and which often are.

The tax is mandatory, but paying less is mandatory for everyone, especially now in this period of great economic difficulty. So before entering into a contract, it is advisable to search well, then once the convenient policy has been chosen, you need to inquire with the insurance agency.

There are some companies that intervene and compensate the damage almost instantly and others create many problems and hinder. When taking out the policy in order to save money, gross mistakes are made which in some cases can also lead to serious penalties.

Fake policy, that’s what happens in this case

It happens that if you find an affordable insurance company, you give in, you buy the policy and then during the police checks you discover that nothing is as you thought. It comes often of illegal insurance which at first glance seem excellent and which are not valid at all.

In this case, therefore, you get a fine because you are traveling on an uninsured vehicle and then, despite having already paid for insurance, to use the car immediately you have to go to sign a new contract at any cost because you no longer have time to look for the best.

With regard to the fine ranges from €3464 to €6928.