Telepass, a €6,632 fine for anyone who does this seemingly harmless act

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If you don’t use the Telepass device correctly, you risk incurring even very heavy penalties. Let’s find out what happened to a woman in the last period. Now you have to shell out more than 6,000 euros for a move that is completely prohibited by the Highway Code. Here are all the details about this incredible story.

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The system Telepass it has changed the lives of millions of Italian motorists. For several years, in fact, it has been possible to avoid the queue at the entrance and exit of each motorway tollbooth, by taking a preferential lane reserved, in fact, for those in possession of the magical “little box”.

In fact, you will be able to subscribe to a contract, providing their personal data, vehicle number plate and IBAN. You will receive the device at home and you will be charged for each pass through the toll booth. A practical, safe and economical solution – the cost of the service is around 2 euros per month – which it will allow you to NEVER waste time at the various toll booths on the Italian motorway network.

An important thing to know is that you can associate a maximum of two license plates to each device. Therefore, you will not be able to use the device for any machine. Every “loan” will be punished and you will have to pay a very heavy fine, even higher than 1000 euros.

But that’s not the only rule to respect with regard to Telepass. Do you know what recently happened to a Lombard woman? Here is the incredible sum that you will have to compensate for violating a normal rule regarding the use of this system. Let’s find out what happened and the high sum that will be forced to pay.

Telepass, the fine exceeding 6,000 euros that a woman will have to pay: here’s what you need to know

The use of the Telepass it has its own rules. If you try to circumvent them, you risk being fined heavily. And that’s what happened to one 44-year-old female resident in Lombardy. The woman he defrauded Società Autostrade per l’Italia 145 times. Like? Here’s everything you need to know about this incredible story that happened on our country’s highways.

Telepass fine
Telepass, here is the incredible fine that a 44-year-old woman will have to pay – Motori.News

The facts date back to the year 2018 – precisely between July and December. In practice, once you arrive at the toll booth for entering and exiting the motorway, the 44-year-old followed the car in front of her, in defiance of any respect for road rules and safety distances, and exploited the slipstream without closing the toll gate.

A real plan studied in detail to defraud the company Autostrade per l’Italia e do not pay even one euro of toll for months and months. Indeed, in a single day – August 5, 2018 – the woman carried out this dangerous move 5 times.

The lady, however, hadn’t counted on the video surveillance cameras located at each toll booth. After years, in fact, the license plate of his Peugeot was traced, with which he carried out these extremely dangerous and completely illegal actions.

What fine will he have to pay? A very large sum. In fact, the Autostrade company has estimated the sums not paid by the woman at more than 60 euros per trip. The latter will have to compensate the motorways of our country by 6632 euros. But that’s not all.

Telepass high fine - Motori.News
Telepass: exaggerated fine – Motori.News

In fact, the fraudster will have to defend herself in court not only from the accusations of fraud against the motorway company of our country, but also from those relating to the serious threat to road safety. We will therefore also go into criminal law.

THE motorway toll booths who saw the woman make this dangerous and illegal move are between Lombardy and Tuscany. The main ones are those of Milan, Florence, Pisa, Scandicci, Prato, Bergamo and many more.