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Some motorists, i.e. those who have a real passion for cars, are informed about everything, even about what needs to be done to install the short number plate on the car rather than the classic one.

Short license plate
Short license plate –

It may seem strange or inappropriate, but many people would like to change the car license plate to make it shorter.

There are those who know how to move even to speed up their temples, while those who don’t even know if it’s possible by law, what needs to be done and in what time frame.

Targa short or classic, what’s the difference

The short license plate opens up a very broad discussion because not everyone can have it when they want and how they want. Unlike motorcycle owners who enjoy the luxury of having license plates of any size, motorists must meet special conditions to be legal and to comply with the highway code.

So whoever wants to have a short license plate must first go to the DMV office. Then understand if in general the short license plate on the type of vehicle you own can be installed or not.

Few people know it but the short license plate can only be had in some exceptional cases, because it must comply with the technical specifications established by the motorisation.

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What if you want the short license plate only for aesthetic reasons

Generally the registration authorities first check whether a normal license plate can be attached to the carif it is not possible, proceed with the installation of a short number plate, otherwise go for the classic one.

If, on the other hand, the owner of the vehicle requests the small plate only for aesthetic reasons, then the application is definitively rejected. In short, everything varies according to the evaluation of the vehicle, its documents, the expertise and the visual inspection.

So if there is no space for the regular license plate you go for the registration with the small plate, which has narrow and medium writing. If the license plate with lowercase letters cannot be installed, then a space is created by making changes to the whole vehicle.

In any case, these are not disproportionate changes but necessary, feasible changes, all permitted by law. The expertise is important because it confirms everything.

Motorcycle license plates since April 2011 are in the format 180, 200, 220, the maximum height is 200 mm. Old motorcycle number plates can be replaced with smaller ones if the owner of the motorcycle wants it, just pay for it.

The change takes place in a few days with a small expense.

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